Hey, hey, hey, it’s beautiful day!

Well the weatherman didn’t disappoint and the sun today holds as much promise as the year ahead. I am waiting for the frost to thaw, then I can get on with the job of clearing the old to make way for the new. I can’t be too hasty as the sun is like fools gold at this time of year, tricking us into believing that Spring has arrived, but if I plant too early a cold snap will undo all my hard work! Today’s jobs will be to pull up any remaining leeks before they rot in the ground, that will mean making a large batch of leek and potato soup for the coldest of days yet to come.

The chickens will enjoy the sun as much as we do today, having had no rain for the past couple of weeks the ground will be dry enough for them to dust bath to their heart’s content. The egg production has increased with the amount of daylight hours and the young point of lay are beginning to produce for us as well. After 10 years of keeping chickens I still feel chuffed when a youngster lays her first egg, she is always as surprised as I am to see it laying there! Sadly I had to dispatch one of my old chickens this morning, she was not doing well at all and I didn’t want to prolong her distress, there is always a downside to the cycle of life 😦

I think the greenhouse will be my first destination, as it will be at least 5 degrees warmer in there, I have potatoes to chit and sweet pea seeds to plant, as well as some early lettuce and spinach. Then when the sun has warmed the rest of the place up, I will venture outside to clean up the herb garden, not only for the herbs but it is also where the tortoises live when they come out of hibernation in a month or so, that is when I will know that Spring has sprung!!

Enjoy the sunshine 🙂


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