Rogues Gallery

I thought I would write this week about our larger 4 legged friends on the farm, we have 4 large dogs, two of them are Siberian Husky and live outside and 2 Collies live inside. This week the collies Max & Milly had their annual haircut, well more of a shave really. Max has a thick long coat and it matts easily and Milly’s is also thick, so once a year near springtime they get a shave, for a couple of weeks they look like the ‘would you give £2 a week’ dogs and could easily front a campaign! They do love it though, Max who is nearly 13 acts like a puppy charging around the yard, sporting his new look!

We also have 2 farm cats called Felix and Diesel, they are very good at catching mice and rabbits, they have even caught a mole, baby stoat and a hen pheasant! My Mum who is a keen writer is busy writing children’s stories about the adventures of these two, they have a great life together but both had an interesting start to life before they became the best of friends and I am hoping to start publishing the stories on this blog in the not too distant future so watch out for those.

Apart from cats and dogs we also have the horses, Scrumpy Jack, Atherton, and Jazz, all of them with their own individual characters, the vet came last week for annual vaccinations and the horses have to have their teeth filed down and any plaque removed. They have this metal gadget that is inserted into the mouth then winched open so the vet can reach inside, not a very dignified process (for the horse or the vet, who ends up with horse dribble all down her arm) but a necessary one. Many people ask me why horses have masks on in the summer, they assume that the horse can’t see out of them, but for any of you that have wondered they are fly masks, they have a fine mesh so that the flies do not keep landing on their eyes which they find very annoying as you can imagine. In order of appearance Milly, Max (relaxing), Moloko, Kai, Diesel & Felix, Atherton, Jazz & Scrumpy Jack

Apart from the daily routine of looking after the ‘farm’ animals, the paddocks have to be maintained and this involves, dragging and rolling, reseeding and repairing fences and gates etc, all this is done in the spring before the ground gets too hard,  it is a job that has to be squeezed in before the veg patch gets underway.

Meanwhile there is still much to do on the veg garden. The asparagus arrived this week and so had to be planted straight away, this is a long term investment crop as it will not be fully harvested until the third year after planting, but it will give you an annual crop for 20 years after that so a worthwhile project hopefully. I have also indulged myself and planted a bed of dahlias, any gardener will tell you that you need flowers to bring in the bees for pollination, but I think it is nice to have something bright and cheery, so these will be for cutting and giving as birthday flowers etc.  Hubby has been busy digging his trenches for the potatoes, they will probably go in this week as well, the salad crops are coming along well as are the courgette seedlings, the sun has really boosted them and I will be potting them on later today.

We are off on our hoilday on Friday but I am leaving it all in the very capable hands of my Mum, nearly everything I know about gardening I learn’t from her so  it will be well looked after, the girls will be here also, Sam will take care of the farm and Charlie will take care of the house so we are all sorted. Meanwhile hubby and I will be eating, drinking and totally relaxing in the sun, have a great week, I know I will 🙂


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