Home Sweet Home

We are back from our holiday, which was such a treat, the weather was hot and we visited some lovely places including a cider museum in Brittany, so I have picked up so tips ready to make mine in the autumn.

So much has happened even in the short time we were gone, six new lambs arrived and the goose is finally sitting on about 8 eggs! I am very excited about the forthcoming goslings as we have spent two years raising the geese with various setbacks and now we will finally reap the rewards. One of the Buff hens is sat on a huge clutch of eggs, she has spread herself out as much as she can, I would think there are up to 25 eggs underneath her. While I was away a friend brought round 15 light sussex bantam eggs for the incubator, which was already full, so I told Mum to put them under one that I thought was going broody before we went away and she has taken them on! On the day we arrived back the eggs in the incubator started to hatch and we now have a selection of Maran, Wellsummer and Orpington chicks that are doing well.

The two larger lambs that we already had are now out in the paddock, they are a little bit forlorn as weaning them means stopping the bottle abruptly, they don’t quite understand why they have been put out to grass! It is lovely to see them leaping about in the sunshine though, lambs produce serotonin which makes them happy and that’s why you will see them skipping about and doing high kicks!

The veg garden is in full swing, this weekend we have planted the potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, beetroot & fennel as well as some more rows of mangetout. My Mum planted out the broad beans while I was away and pricked out a lot of the seedlings including tomato, peppers, melons and some of the herbs, if all goes well this season we will have a bumper crop!

My Mum came to farm sit while we were away as the girls both still had to work, I was not sure if she had enjoyed her stay here until I read her post on Facebook, she wrote: I have watched the early morning sun bathe the fields in pale golden-yellow and stood in awe as the same sun turned the sky into a firebowl of reds and ambers, I have corralled geese and urged hens into a safe shelter, washed duck eggs and marvelled at the grace of a buzzard as it searched for its next meal, I have drifted off to sleep as the sounds of the night animals, badger and fox, scuffled around outside and woke to the bleating of new lambs as they called for their bottle. I have soaked up the peace and tranquility of being ‘away from it all’ Where? just three miles away from Carterton!

I will be taking bookings from next month!! Seriously though, It is lovely to read our life though a new set of eyes, we take so much for granted and moan about the routine, but we wouldn’t change it for a years worth of holidays 😀


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