‘What, no TV’! ‘ better get some work done then’

What a glorious week we have had weather wise, I hope you have all enjoyed the Easter weekend out in the sunshine. Here on the farm we had a tea party on the lawn on Easter Sunday which was lovely and very English, all the best china came out, we had cucumber sandwiches and scones and cream, simmnel cake and much more besides! The oldies sat in the sun while the youngsters played ball games in the paddock, it was lovely to take time out from farm work and share the space we have with others.

The rest of the week has been full of highs and lows! We have had a visit from Mr Fox, he has taken seven of my best laying hens, he came in the middle of the day while we were busy doing some improvements on the house, Hubby said that he heard the rooks making a right rumpus about 1 o’clock, about 2.30 we went down the back to feed and there were feathers everywhere. These hens are supposed to be behind an electric fence and we even clipped their wings but they were determined to be fully free range and that was their downfall and mine! In future if the rooks make a din we will be investigating straight away, he may still get away with one or two but we can hopefully limit the damage. It means we are seven eggs a day down which is a lot over the week, I will have to tell customers that I don’t have any until the new batch of hens start laying, and if they know what is good for them they will start very soon 🙂

Talking of eggs you will remember that the Buff Orpington hen was sat on a huge clutch, well the time came and went for them to hatch so I decided to have a look at a couple of them. I broke them open and nothing but yolk inside so I went back and got a couple more, again nothing, she had been sitting far too long so I decided to break her brooding and put her in a new pen, I had a look at the rest of the eggs and nothing!! She has had a wasted 2o or more days. I had a visit from a friend this week who is a keen pigeon fancier and has contacts with lots of poultry people, there seems to be a general problem with fertility in birds this year, this set me thinking and so last night I candled the duck eggs in the incubator and only eight out of twenty-four were fertile 😦 I just hope that the goose eggs are going to produce some goslings otherwise it will be and all round disaster.

The improvements I talked about earlier are one of the highs, we are re-designing the interior of the place (which is a wooden structure) and fitting in a second bedroom, we have been living with one bedroom and a living room and so some of us had no place to sleep except on the sofa, now we have our own room and the girls have theirs which is bliss and makes so much difference! At the  moment we have no living room as we have to knock down a wall adjoining the office to make it bigger and so the sofa’s are stacked on top of each other and the TV is disconnected much to hubby’s disgust as the snooker championship is on at the moment. I have not relented and let him plug it in however as I cunningly figure we will get more work done this way!

The veg plot is coming along nicely, everything is growing although a burst of rain would certainly help to get it all romping away, tap water is never the same. The greenhouse is fit to burst with plants ready to either be sold or planted in situ, there are cucumbers, tomato, melon, pumpkin, courgettes, sweetcorn & peppers, the bean poles need putting in ready to plant up and the brassicas which have all been hardened off also need to go in, not to mention a second sowing of  salads and root veg! I think I will leave the TV unconnected a while longer, we don’t have time to watch it anyway!!

Enjoy your second long weekend, if you are celebrating the Royal Wedding have fun, and as I wouldn’t want the rain to spoil anyone’s fun could we please have some between now and Thursday night!


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