Up’s and Down’s

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend, especially the Royal Wedding, being a houseful of girls we watched in style with a Champagne brunch, oooooed and arrrhhhed at the dress, the hair, and melted when William commented that Kate looked beautiful, we commented on the awful choice of hat by Beatrice and waited with baited breath for the balcony kiss, we were not disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed the whole spectacle!

The downside came when we returned home to find the fox had been at it again! This time 5 chickens and he had actually dug into one of the pens, he must have known we were preoccupied as he came in the middle of the day! I have now had to put a notice on the gate apologising for the lack of eggs, sods law means that the point of lay have not started laying yet and so I just hope that customers return when we have a more plentiful supply. We have doubled up the defences but it will probably mean that we will have to shoot the fox as the business cannot sustain that kind of loss in a week!

Another ‘up’ is the second lot of lambs went out into the field today after living their first 6 weeks in a stable. We coaxed them up there this morning and tried to introduce them to the other older two, neither party was interested! The youngest lambs hung round the gate visibly shaking, this is all new to them after all, the first time they had seen grass, sky and other animals, I did try to move them away from the gate as I needed to let the geese out but they wouldn’t move, so out came the geese and I watched knowing what was going to happen. The lambs were curious and went straight over to them, the bravest had a sniff and whack, got a  peck on the nose for his trouble! Sheep are generally considered to be a bit stupid and these are no exception so in they went for another sniff and whack another peck on the nose! After that I left them to it so goodness knows how many more times that has happened today!

We still have had no rain and this is becoming a serious problem for farmers in general now, the knock on effect if we don’t get any soon will impact the wider public in the long run, although the crop will grow it will be far more sparse, this in turn will put up the price of the grain, it will also put up the price of straw and hay in the Autumn. You may think that it does not concern you but that will mean that meat  and dairy animals are going to cost more to feed and house during the winter thus pushing up the price of your shopping again. So my solution is simple, if we all do a rain dance at the same time we can save ourselves some money!! Wednesday at 3.30pm it is then :p


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