Rain at last!!

Thank you to those that took part in the rain dance, we seemed to have achieved it!! We have had a good soaking which will spur on the paddocks, the veg beds and unfortunately the weeds, but you can’t have it all 🙂

We finally caught the marauding fox last night as well, we borrowed a trap and set it up, on the second night just before dark, the dog starting barking and lo and behold she was caught. We called in a neighbour to dispatch her humanely, but will have to set the trap again as no doubt there will be more than one.

We have had 4 ducklings hatch this week which is lovely, but the goose eggs turned out to be dud’s so that is disappointing, that is generally how things go. On the wildlife side we have a pair of wild ducks visiting at the moment and a pair of swifts that nested in the stables last year have returned again this year, so we look forward to them hatching out a brood and teaching them to fly, it was very entertaining watching the young firstly move out of the nest onto the ledge and then after some days take their first flight.

I mentioned the weeds and we have been working hard to clear the beds before planting, I sometimes wonder why we don’t eat more weeds, it would save us a lot of time and effort! Quite a few of them we feed to the chickens, like fat hen and chickweed so it’s not all a wasted effort, my sister gave me an early birthday present which is a book on foraging, you can make coffee from the goosegrass seeds, that the sprawling sticky weeds with the sticky balls on, might have a go at that, you never know it could be a rival for Nescafe but I seriously doubt it! I also saw a recipe for Rhubarb Champagne this week and it seems very easy so I thought I would have a go at making some, I don’t think it is very alcoholic but should be refreshing and as an added bonus it will be pink so a nice girly drink for the summer BBQ’s.

The sweet potato slips arrived at the weekend, a strange plant and it will be interesting to see how it grows, they are not grown like a normal potato, they come as a bit of greenery and you pot them up to begin with, then plant them out in June, I have never grown them before, although we have eaten them and love them mashed, they are also lovely baked, if you have never tried them, give them a go I don’t think you will be disappointed.

As I said thanks for the rain dance, now if you could all just gather same time again this week, a money dance would be appreciated :p


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