One of ‘those’ days

I have started today’s blog three times now, not satisfied with what I was writing on the first two attempts, after giving it some thought, I decided I am having one of ‘those’ days! I suppose everyone has them, the days when you question what it is you are doing, aiming for, trying to achieve, where to I fit in, in the grand scheme of life? Today seems to be a battle, against the wind in particular, I have been trying (and failing) to erect wind barriers to protect the veg that are out in the open, I also noticed that the rabbits, that usually live down at the bottom of the paddock, have decided that they will help themselves to the top of my carrots and beans, and the cats although they have 5 acres in which to do their business, think I have raked and sown a seedbed just for their convenience! I am feeding most of the rooks in a 5 mile radius because the chickens don’t eat their grain up fast enough, and some little sod thinks it’s very funny to nick my egg board every saturday night and deposit it half a mile down the lane!!!

I think I need chocolate 🙂

As for the farm, well everything survived while we were away, which is a bonus, well more of a surprise really as we usually don’t get very far before getting a phone call to inform us of the latest death! So well done to the girls for holding the fort :).

The smallholder show was great and although I enjoyed it, hubby would rather have been home watching the F1 qualifying, I managed to contain myself and only came away with a few hatching eggs for the incubator, two types of Orpington, Gold Laced and Blue Splash, which are difficult to source around these parts.

The little lamb that was poorly has now gone back out to the paddocks with her friends, the ducklings are growing fast and I need to find them a permanent home outside, the new hens are laying very well and the egg sales are going back up again. The other young goose has started nesting and I found two eggs in there this morning, the end of May is a little late for her to start sitting really but I wont stop her and you never know we might actually get goslings after all (note to self: don’t hold your breath). I have a light sussex bantam that has been sitting on her two eggs for a couple of weeks now so fingers crossed that they are fertile!

The outdoor veg plants are struggling a little, what with lack of rain, cold nighttime temperatures and now these strong winds, it will be a wonder if we get a harvest from them at all, the greenhouses are doing much better, with the sun trying to peep through each day, the temperature inside them is pretty good and the plants are well protected. We are still harvesting lettuce, radish, spinach and spring onions, there are plenty left before I need to make more sowings. We picked the first bowl of strawberries yesterday, which is quite early, they say it will be a bumper year for them, I have a few dozen jamjars on standby and when they are in full flow, will be making jam on a daily basis. I bought a Tefal jam maker which is a great little gadget as you can make as little as one jar at a time and it self cleans, always a bonus!

I,m off now to make the decision of the day, whether to go back out into the wind and be buffeted until my head aches or stay in, clean the house, make the dinner and hope the wind has gone by tomorrow, its at times like these I could do with a conservatory, then the choice would be neither, I will sit down with a magazine and a cup of tea :p


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