I hope you all had a relaxing Bank Holiday Weekend, although the weather was pretty miserable wasn’t it!! The temperatures are not very good for the time of the year and as a result the vegetable garden is struggling, today I have ordered some proper wind break to try to create a microclimate in order to get them going. The runner beans should be half way up the poles by now and are still only a couple of inches high! The root crops are doing well though and I will need to sow a second lot of them to have a continuous crop. It seems to be a battle against everything at the moment, the rabbits, the pigeons, the wind, the lack of rain and sun, next it will be too much sun and then the caterpillars 😦

On the bright side we had a new arrival, the Light Sussex bantam has hatched a chick, she did have two but one died on the first night, I am not sure how long the other will last, when I fed her this morning she stood on the poor little thing.

I moved the other chicks during the week from their small run to a larger one, I put them all in a box, proceeded to carry them to their new home and the bottom fell out and so did all the chicks!! They were running around the yard amazed at the freedom they had just accidentally encountered, both cats were in the vicinity probably thinking how lucky they were that breakfast had come to them, one of the chicks found an old fag butt and proceeded to run around with it in its mouth while the others, thinking it had found a tasty morsel chased it round and round. Meanwhile, I am hissing at the cats and daring them to come any closer, Sam went to get a net and after about half an hour we managed to round them up and deposit them safely in the new run. The ducklings are due to be moved outside but again its a little too cold, they have not yet fully feathered up, which means I can’t risk them getting wet! Ducklings that are born with their mother are coated each day by her with a waterproofing substance from a gland, ducklings that are hatched in an incubator do not have this protection and therefore cannot get wet or they will catch a chill and die.

I have had to rescue the potato growing from Hubby, he is new to gardening and it seems that after decades of growing potatoes a certain way, he has decided to rewrite the rule book! After watching painfully for a few weeks now, I could no longer stand by and watch the crop amount to nothing,  his idea was to dig a trench and earth up as the plants grew, but without boring you of the details of sub soil etc, I told him exactly why it wouldn’t work! I hope I have managed to get to them in time for them to produce some tubers :p

The rhubarb champagne had its first tasting on Saturday, it definitely fizzes, it tastes nice, but I have not had enough of it yet to let you know how alcoholic it is, I was hoping to enjoy a glass or two out in the sunshine over the weekend but it will have to wait until the sun finally comes out to play.

I watched a programme about the wildlife and the real truth of it last night, we have quite a range of  wildlife but there is always more that can be done. We have plenty of native trees and hedgerow, but grass and wildflower are not as abundant as they could be, this is partly due to the fact that we keep grazing animals and it never has chance to go to seed. I had always thought that there was enough to sustain birds here and that feeding them would be silly but the common thought now is that feeding garden birds is more likely to help them flourish than leaving it to nature to provide. I already grow Sunflowers to provide seeds for the chickens and will be looking into other garden crops that will do a similar job after all without the birds the mass invasion of caterpillars wont be far behind!!


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