The Month of Midsummer already!

Apologies for last weeks post as I forgot to add a title!!

We are fast approaching Mid Summer/Summer Solstice and as yet do not seem to have had much of a summer at all! A traditional way to celebrate Midsummer’s eve is with a bonfire, quite appropriate this year as the temperatures have not really got very high so far. A couple of nice days last week gave a bit of a growth spurt to the vegetation, that coupled with the odd splash of rain did wonders to the vegetable patch and as a result we are now harvesting plenty of mange tout and strawberries.

We have been eating the strawberries with balsamic vinegar and if you have never tried it, I can recommend it, put a few teaspoons of sugar on the bowl of strawberries and let it soak in for a couple of hours, then add some cream of your choice and a splash of good quality balsamic vinegar, I have no idea why it works, it just does!!

The mange tout are delicious, I can even be caught eating them whilst I am picking! Luckily, these can be blanched and frozen to save a taste of spring for the winter months, but they are great for salads, stirfries and boiled quickly for a couple of minutes as a side veg. Normally I grow peas but they are quite labour intensive at picking and podding time, they also are prone to pea moth, so very often you can go to all that hard work and find little maggots in the peas,  this year I opted for the mange tout which are proving much easier.

Last week I told you about the Light Sussex bantam that had hatched two chicks and one had died, I also mentioned at the time that I had caught her treading on the other by accident, I went up to the run after finishing the blog to take a photo of the remaining chick and it was alas already dead, so she had sat on her eggs for 21 days and they had lasted all of 2 days once they were born 😦

We had a bit of a drama in the week when the electric went off, I phoned the electric board and it was going to be off for a couple of hours, I have 24 eggs in the incubator (sods law), they were half way through incubation, after trying, and failing, to start the generator, I had to wrap the incubator in a thick blanket and just hope! They should begin to hatch next Sunday, so I will be able to tell you on Monday if my life saving technique worked or not!! Talking of eggs, the goose is sitting tight on hers now, everyday I tell her what a good girl she is, I just hope she manages to hatch at least one gosling. She is a young goose, this being her first egg season, they say that if a goose sits in her first season she will sit every year, so I have to let her have a go, even though it is a bit late in the year.

As well as this blog, I have now started a Facebook page for the farm, I can update on a daily basis and load lots of pictures, so if you are interested, just find Friesland Farm and ‘like’. I will be using the page to let you know what products I have a surplus of,  and how much it costs, so if you want anything just let me know and you can either pop up and pick it up or if we are out and about we can drop it off.

I thought I would leave you with a couple of photo’s this week, one of the goose sitting on her nest, the other two are of the young chicks and the ducklings that have now been put outside in the pens, the only problem with the ducklings is that they run away from you every time you go near them, so the photo is of them making a getaway!!


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