The Sun has got it’s hat on! But I can’t go outside!

I’m a bit late doing the blog today but with good reason, after a trip to dermatology, I am not allowed out in the midday sun, so needed to get all the jobs done first and blog later!! It’s a bit difficult with a lifestyle like mine but I am having to move with the shade!!

The weather has been great, as far as veg growing is concerned, showers one minute, and sun the next, excellent, not so good for people out and about in it though!

As it is perfect growing conditions the harvesting has certainly speeded up, even the turnips are ready to pull and that is a couple of months early, I am picking strawberries by the kg and making jam every day! People have started buying veg at the gate and yesterday I had a lovely couple who were motorhoming around the uk stop to buy eggs and veg, they are the best days, when you have a chat to folk from different parts of the country who have stopped to buy something from you 🙂

We caught another dastardly fox, a young vixen, although I did feel sorry for her, once they are trapped they are as vulnerable as any other animal, but I know that if we let her free she would be back to kill my chickens and we can’t let that happen. The other goose is still sitting, and I had to read back over the blogs to find out when she first started, by my calculations she has probably another 10 days to go so I will keep you informed.  The chicken selling is going from strength to strength, we have made a bigger better sign and have had three people in already this weekend, one was for an order of 30 hens!! A large delivery is due in next week of Blue Beechwoods and Rhode Rocks which will sell out at £15 each with discounts available on larger numbers, if you know anyone that wants any send them this way 🙂

Feel free to comment on the blog by the way, I know you read it because you tell me but if you want to ask any questions or know anything different just ask and I am happy to reply 🙂

I have a date with a pig later!! and a cow! We have gone halves with a friend who lives a couple of villages away, she keeps them at hers as she has more land, so we are off to visit them tonight so see how big they are getting, a cow is a year and a half before its ready for the freezer but the piggies will go aged about 7 months, these are baconers so we will have plenty of bacon, ham and sausages to look forward too :p if you are in the area  on a Sunday morning after October pop in and I will make you a bacon sandwich. 


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