Try not to mention the weather!

I am conscious that every blog seems to have a weather report of one kind or another so today I am not going to mention it at all!!

I kept my camera with me today and took three photo’s, one that made me laugh, one that was taken during a relaxation moment and one of the recent fruit harvest that I am chuffed to bits with.

The one that made me laugh was of the Tortoise, usually there is not a lot you can say about these, they spend their days in the Herb garden wandering around not doing anything exciting, today I thought I would let them out into the big garden for a couple of hours so that they could forage on something different. They go for things like clover, plantain and dandelions but I caught Livingstone having a sneaky go at my Strawberries.

The second photo I took while having a break, sitting (well laying actually) under the Oak tree, I looked up and just thought how lovely it looked and so here it is

The third photo is not the most exciting and I will never be on a par with David Bailey, but it gave me great delight to gather and open freeze the fruits, when I mixed them all together in the bag they looked great, and it will be a real treat in the winter to be able to get it out to make some kind of pudding with. The mixture is Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries 🙂

The Goose is still sitting and has not hatched any goslings yet, I will give her a few more days just to be on the safe side, we have been busy moving and cleaning out Chickens, we are expecting a large batch in tomorrow morning and everything has to be cleaned and disinfected, especially this time of the year when maggots are such a problem, it is best to keep on top of the situation rather than find you’ve left it too late and something has flystrike. We caught our third fox as well this week, and we know we still have another prowling around, the little Light Sussex bantam disappeared the night before last, and yesterday evening we were having a cuppa in the garden about 9pm when one of the cockerels at the back starting making a heck of a row, we couldn’t see anything when we went up there but he and his girlie were both sat up on top of their house, a sign we have learnt to recognise and take heed of so the trap will be staying for a while longer yet!

We have a wild bird that we have been unable to identify, we think it may be a Nightjar or a Wheatear, it is mostly active at dusk and makes a distinctive call, if there are any twitchers out there that can help, we would love to know what it is.

I am hoping that the new chickens will not take to the trees again like they did last time, or Hubby will be up the ladder again!! He is busy weeding at the moment and there are an awful lot of them, he thinks I am in preparing the dinner so I had better wrap this up and go make him a cuppa and pick some strawberries for pudding 😀


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