The serious side of things

I usually write about general day-to-day goings on around the farm and the little things that are funny, but I read an article this week that reminded me why I got started in all this in the first place.

The Food Standard Agency has  ‘approved  the sale of food from cloned animals without labels’. Shoppers will have no idea if meat has come from cloned animals, even though a large percentage of shoppers oppose the cloning of livestock.

If you find that a worrying statement, I am with you, if you don’t, then you should!

Food shortages are inevitable with the worldwide population growing as it is, but surely this is not the answer, those in favour say it will ‘create herds of supersize animals able to produce vast amounts of milk and meat’, all the while making bigger profits too of course. Those against say there are ‘ a high number of miscarriages, deformities and gigantism’

It seems that the money and power of the big companies win again, at this point I would also normally say that as the consumer you have the power to withdraw your spending on those items and if many people did it they might listen, however in this circumstance you will not know what you are buying, which is the most worrying bit of all.

All of which takes me back to why I raise my own meat, I like to know exactly how the animals have lived, what they have eaten, how they have been treated. I am lucky enough to be able to do this, most can’t, but what you can do is make more of a noise about what you are buying, read the labels very carefully, ask questions, don’t feel silly its your right to know what you are eating. If you see a campaign to get these clones labelled, and my guess is you will, sign up, don’t let the people who produce your food ride roughshod over you.

Quite by sheer fate, I read a book this week called, Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro, a book about cloned Humans, farmed, for want of a better word, for thier organs. A lovely little book, not Sci Fi or scary, just about the life of a clone, far fetched……………who knows!


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