A list as long as my arm!

I feel compelled to mention the weather again this week, awful, is the only word I can use, but if you thought it was a modern phenomena think again. I happen to have a diary written by a chap in the locality, it is for the year 1901, he was a farmer and most of what he writes relates to his livestock and the fields, he also records the weather for each day. Out of curiosity I read through July and in 1901 it was pretty much the same July as we are having now! The news gets better however as August went on to be lovely 🙂 Global warming or natural weather patterns?? My jury is still out on this one, although mankind is obviously not helping the situation, I am inclined to belive that we are not responsible for everything that is happening to our weather.

Talking of rain, we are divided in our house about the welcome over the frequency of its arrival! On the one hand, Hubby loves it when it’s pouring down, we really need it for the paddocks to grow well, and it fills up the water butts, my view is slightly different, apart from the fact that it can get disheartening, we really need some sunshine to ripen everything. The tomatoes are staying stubbornly green, and other greenhouse crops that should be romping away are barely limping into existence, lets hope that August brings some long lazy summer weather!

The 12 week old chicks are causing some concern this week, I have had to cull 3 already, at this stage I am unsure if it is genetic or viral. At the moment I am treating it as genetic because the three birds are all the same breed, however I have also had to put in place disease control measures, these include disinfecting boots and hands after entry to the pen and before going to any other pens, all a bit time-consuming but very necessary.

We lost a lamb yesterday but luckily it was only playing hide and seek with us! As it gets dark, its Hubby’s job to go and make sure everything is in bed and close doors, he came back down to the house last night and told me there were only seven lambs in the field. Have you checked in the field shelter, was my first question, yes he had and no sign of the lamb, so I donned my wellies and went to help look. The paddock is totally stock fenced so there is no way they could get out but Hubby was correct there were only seven lambs, by this time it is getting very dark and we had forgotten to bring a torch, but we wandered round the paddock in search of the lamb. Two minutes later Hubby shouts ‘over here’ and we could hear the lamb bleating away, now apart from a field shelter and goose house the only other thing in the paddock is a ‘Cambridge roller’ this is a large heavy roller that is used to flatten the field in Spring, somehow the lamb had managed to get under the towbar and wedge itself in, after some huffing and puffing to lift the front end the lamb was freed and ran off in the direction of its friends. How on earth it got stuck under there we will never know, but they are creatures of habit and so if it goes missing again, we know the first place to look!

As I mentioned last week, we have been cutting back hedges and generally tidying up, behind the front hedge at the bottom of the drive was a huge old trailer, at first I thought this would be great to do up, but when we got to it we could see that is was in a state of disrepair, so it was cut up for scrap metal and firewood. This has now opened up an area that we are planning to develop over the coming years. At the moment there are 3 enormous conifers and an even bigger Eucalyptus tree planted there, we hope to be able to take these down and replace them with a couple of Apple trees and Hubby has plans to build a dry stone wall (he has his uses!) which will make a welcome change to the rotting fence that is there now.

I am always saying ‘ I have a list of jobs as long as my arm’ and I really do, some of them are day-to-day and some of them are more long-term, sometimes we get stuck in and can cross a fair few off and sometimes we spend all our time doing other jobs that are not even on the list! We have goals, aims and projects aplenty, some of them will be achieved, others will be shelved and some will even be rubbed out as undo-able, but I have realised this week that you need this ‘list’ in order to keep moving forward, lets hope we never get to the last job to cross off!



2 thoughts on “A list as long as my arm!

  1. Karen says:

    I remember as a child watching Uncle Frank building the dry stone walls on mckinnons (is that spelt right ) Farm, fascinated me on how it was done

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