Sunshine and Berries :)

Good morning, and at last we have had a few sunny days in a row! Make the most of it, there is definitely and Autumn chill in the air in the mornings!

Last night we lost our electric supply at about 7.30pm, luckily we had just finished eating our roast but after about an hour and a half I was concerned that the incubator would start to lose too much heat. This is the second time we have lost power during an incubation period although the power was only off for an hour last time. I decided on emergency measures and rang my Mum to see if I could take them over to her and plug it in, it is lucky we did that because the power was not restored until 4.30 am the next morning, by which time the eggs would have got cold and the embryos would have died. They are due to hatch in 6 days time and I hope they are no the worse for their ordeal!

I put some of my surplus birds up for sale a couple of weeks ago and within 2 days this week had sold them all ๐Ÿ™‚ A lovely family came all the way from Windsor to buy five ducks, they left with five ducks and five chickens! One of the chickens was a cockerel that had been giving me a bit of grief over the last week, they can start to attack you at feeding time which is what this one had done. Normally I am ready for him with a bucket of water or just the empty bucket, but he caught me unawares one day and made a nasty bruise on my leg! I was telling this story to the family and how he would be Fox bait by the Sunday night, the Father asked me if he could have him, I told him, if you can catch him, you can take him free of charge. With one swift movement, he picked the cockerel up and carried him around for the rest of the time they were there. He was telling me how he used to live on a farm in Kenya when he was a boy and loved animals, and you could see he really had a way with animals as this feisty cockerel sat there very contentedly in his arms the whole time. It might, however be a different story when he gets him home!

The baby rabbits are just over two weeks old now, they all have their eyes open and are starting to move about a lot more, one of them is a little squealer, you can pick up all the others with no problem, but as soon as you pick up this one it lets out the most piercing squeal, which does the job it is supposed to as you very quickly put it back!

I have been picking, pulling and freezing again this week, although we are almost upon August and still no ripe tomatoes, we have had a couple of cucumbers though and the chillies and peppers are beginning to swell nicely. One of the new fruits I have grown this year is the Japanese wineberry, not a very remarkable plant to look at while its growing but as soon as the fruits begin to ripen it is totally transformed. The berries are like the most exquisite little gems, they shine brilliantly in the sun, starting off yellow and turning to a beautiful red, they are a delight to look at and they taste very nice too! Blueberries are one of my favorite fruit and although I have grown some this year they did not yield nearly enough, so in the local supermarket they had them on offer and I bought just enough to make 3 pots of Blueberry Jam, a real treat, we used some to make a victoria sponge yesterday which was delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

I have had the first two installments of the farm cat stories, Felix the Farm Cat, and hopefully will have enough time in the week to get them on here for next weeks blog. The cats don’t get much of a mention but they do have some ‘mini’ adventures which are well worth reading about.

Baby Rabbits ยฃ10 each ready in 4 weeks

Lets hope the sun continues to shine throughout the summer holidays, its only fair after the awful weather we have had! Although we should remember it’s not as bad as others have it, congratualtions to Sandra and her family, she reads my blog all the way over in Australia and has just moved back into her home after the terrible floods they had there at the beginning of the year, I hope you are allย settling in well ๐Ÿ™‚


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