Come out, come out, wherever you are!!

Ooops, I have managed to lose the Tortoises this weekend, yesterday I let them out into the Veg garden for a stroll and forgot to put them away!! This morning there is no sign of them anywhere, the garden is quite large and so I am hoping I will spot them at some point over the next few days, Hubby saw one of them in the afternoon ambling past him as he was weeding and that is the last known sighting!

The dreaded fox attacks have returned and I have lost 3 of my breeding chickens and a goose! This fox is a little more cunning as the fox trap was set but he has avoided it, we are having to shut the birds in tight and hope that it eventually goes for the bait.

My new chickens arrived on Friday at lunchtime, I left them shut inside to settle in, the next day I went up to feed them and open the doors, but they didn’t come out all day! No surprise really as they would have been shed reared from hatching and have no idea that they are now allowed to go outside to play. Yesterday a few of them ventured out but the rest stayed inside, I am hoping that today they will all get to enjoy the great outdoors, they are safely behind an electric fence so hopefully safe from Mr Fox. My Mum has finally decided to have some chickens and I have 4 lined up for her, she named them Molly, Dolly, Sally and Primrose, they are from a batch I hatched earlier in the spring and they will soon be off to thier new des res.

I need to organise a date for the sheep to go to their final destination, the dilemma is that only six of them are at weight, two are not ready yet, they are the one that had fly strike and the one that had the breathing problems in the beginning. Do I send six off and keep the two back until later or keep them all until the other two catch up, meanwhile the others are getting fatter and fatter!! Hmmm the jury is still out on that one.

Hubby has still been very busy this weekend and we now have half a new roof, at least one end of the building is leakproof at last, Mum and Stepdad were here helping again this weekend and we have picked lots of cooking apples and processed them for the freezer, I picked at least 7lb of Runner Beans on Sunday and just looked at the pile in despair, its great to have so many but it takes ages to sort that amount out for the freezer 😦 I will be glad that I did in the middle of Winter though 🙂 We also picked sloes and I might have a go at making that good old country tipple Sloe Gin, I have never tasted it before but used to have the odd Gin and Tonic many years ago and if I don’t like it I can always use it for presents 😉

We went to the Wychwood Forest Fayre yesterday, it was a lovely sunny afternoon, the place was full of local crafts and businesses, we bought some locally produced Cider and Cheese, at the end of the afternoon we sat down and listened to a folk tale from the storyteller, very therapeutic. I am always in awe of people who produce wonderful looking objects, there were Bow makers, wood turners, weavers of every kind, bushcraft, potters, the list goes on. I picked up some good tips about weaving with Willow and will definitely be having a go with all the whips I cut back this year, it may not be pretty or even functional but at least I will have tried 🙂

Lastly, have a look at this photo, I took it on Saturday when the men moved some cupboards away from the door in an outbuilding, We marvelled at the amount of work that went into building a mountain of cushioning before building the little nest in the top! It must have taken the Robin days and days to build it 🙂



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