I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your greenhouse roof down!!

Well that was definitely a windy week and although the house roof stayed on, the greenhouse roof came crashing down onto the tomatoes 😦 Very annoying as it was a new roof  last year and cost a pretty penny! The runner bean canes are all but on the floor, although I am still managing to pick a few beans. This morning I have been digging up the carrots ready for them to go into dry storage, that is basically a large metal box filled with sand, the carrots go into the sand and should still be ok by next Spring. Some of them I will chop and freeze, so that I have some handy bags available for those days when everything is a rush. Last week I had a little bit of a glut on a few things, so I made up a veg box and put it for sale on Facebook, I was really surprised at the interest and sold six in total! Until then I was contemplating scaling down the veg patch as it was producing far more than we could eat, but this seems like an opportunity too good to pass up on, so instead I will be planning my crops for next year with a view to doing a few boxes a week and see how it goes.

The chicken problems just keep coming this week, I have one with an impacted crop, I have fed her cod liver oil but it has not shifted and failing that only surgery would help, another just dropped dead, no apparent reason, just one of those things. On the up side the mother bought her babies outside on Saturday and they are a pleasure to watch. She is such a good mother, clucking around showing them what to eat and calling them back sharply if they stray too far from her.

 While I was out with the camera, I caught Diesel in his favorite position, sleeping in the hay barn, both of the cats have been very busy this week, the hay fields around us have been cut which drives all the mice to look for new homes and a lot of them come our way! The cats have been on a constant hunting and stalking exercise, what makes me laugh though is they always bring their prey all the way back home before they eat it and go off to catch more 🙂

 The last photo I decided to take, shows you have the new girls have settled in, remember the ones that would not come out for two days. well they have quickly got over their shyness and have learnt that if I am around they just might be getting some titbits!












That will have to be it for this week, as WordPress is playing havoc with my patience!! Also I have got lots to do, including sorting out the sheep (note to self, pull your finger out!!)


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