Suspicious minds!

Unfortunately we have been put on our guard this week and become suspicious of every new vehicle and person that comes! During the night last Tuesday someone broke into a van which was parked about 1/2 mile up the road and stole £1000 worth of work tools, since then we have heard of two other similar incidents in the nearby villages. On that same  night the dog did actually growl which is unusual for him and I suspect that someone was wondering if they could get to John’s van. Luckily our guard dog who is out at night is excellent at what he does and I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to risk it, if they are, well that will be an entertaining blog!

This has a knock on effect and every strange car that stops in the lane or comes up the drive becomes a suspect, especially during the dark hours, last night the dog was particularly vocal and we were up and down like yoyo’s checking the yard and the fields, not that you can see much in the pitch black but we let the dog go and woe betide anyone who is where they shouldn’t be!

Apart from that the farm has been very much the same as usual, the weather is still being kind to us although a little damp and claggy. I spent yesterday and this morning cleaning out all the chicken houses and the rabbits before we have a downpour. They have all had a good dose of mineral powder to keep them in tip-top condition through the Winter. We add cooking oil to the grain to coat it then add the powder so that it sticks to the grain otherwise you find a pile of powder in the bottom og the feed troughs which is not a lot of good. We still have the dreaded Red Mite in one of the houses, that will take quite a while to get it under control. The Red Mite feed from the chickens blood overnight which reduces the well-being of the chicken and so she will not lay, these are the old ladies and because of their age it is difficult to keep them in good condition and so they become a soft target for mites etc. If I was any good as a business woman they would have been culled the minute they went off production but I doubt if I will ever make it big in the industry as I prefer for them to live out their remaining days just being happy 🙂

Hubby has been busy on his never-ending task of keeping the muck heap under control, it is looking good, he has been rotavating it before moving it and I have to say it improves it no end. So much so that I think we will be bagging up and selling it next year instead of giving it away for free. All the hard work will be done so I am sure we could charge about a £1.00 a bag with no problems. We would still give people the option of bagging it themselves for free, so if you want any in the Spring just give me a shout.

The geese are giving us problems again, they have been fine living together all Summer long and two have now decided that they don’t want the other one anywhere near, I guess they are pairing ready for the breeding season but I do feel sorry for the odd one out who has no idea what its done wrong. I say it, as I thought it was a female but if they are casting it out it is possibly male. Geese are very difficult to sex just by looking at them even when they are fully grown but there is no way I am even going to attempt to have a look at the genitals! A flailing goose wing from a naffed off bird can easily break your arm, I think I will wait to see how many eggs get laid each day in the Spring, much safer 😉

There are a lot of trees and hedgerows here and they have all but lost their leaves now so everything is looking very stark and grey, but it does mean that you can see all the wildlife that is still around, the squirrel is still gathering nuts, he has not quite realised that its ok he can have whatever he likes now I have gathered my quota. The woodpecker is a daily visitor and the small garden birds are gathering in large numbers every now and then. When they come to roost in the large Buddleia’s out the front it usually means we are in for some cold weather, last year you could forecast the snowfall by their arrival, there must be over a hundred of them and they make quite a racket, then it all goes silent and lo and behold begins to snow, who needs a weatherman!


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