The hilarious tale of the rubber egg!

We use rubber eggs here at the farm for two reasons, firstly to encourage the hens to lay in the correct place, otherwise they can randomly lay all over the place and every day would be an egg hunt! Secondly some hens take to egg eating, this is something you need to nip in the bud and a rubber egg is used, the hen can’t break it and so gives up trying (that’s the theory anyhow). When we came back from a weekend away at the beginning of the month I went to collect up the eggs and noticed that one of the rubber ones was missing, I hunted high and low in the coop but it had disappeared, I laughingly asked the girls ‘who has sold the rubber egg to a customer’, blank looks were what I received in return! At this point I feel I ought to explain that they are very realistic looking and even I have thought, wow they have laid well today, only to remember that the rubber eggs were there too :p Finally at the weekend a regular customer turned up and said ‘I have something funny to tell you’, ‘let me guess’ I said, ‘you were sold a rubber egg’. The story didn’t stop there, she was about to make cakes and tried to crack the egg which she was unable to do, so she called her husband and told him she thought there may be a chick in it and could he take it outside to break it open and look, it took him about 5 minutes to realise that it was not going to break because it was fake! I told you they were realistic!! They said that was the best laugh they’d  had in ages, I was thinking, good job they have a sense of humour!

This morning I have heard on the grapevine (which is pretty quick around here) that the yard along the lane from us was broken into last night and tools taken, so once again we need to be vigilant! I did have a bit of an inkling something was amiss when a police car pulled in the drive this morning, sat for a while and then left, always a telltale sign! I did have a thought that could work, as we get so much nighttime flying activity around here perhaps they could strap police cameras to the undercarriage, I am pretty sure the crime detection rate would shoot up! Seriously, it is a damn nuisance, rural crime is difficult to police I am sure as we don’t have the availability of CCTV, but no one ever seems to get caught and it just becomes a routine event, in fact you can guarantee that every six months you will get word of someone nearby being done over 😦

Two  more liveries arrived at the weekend so we are now a full yard, no doubt that the increase in horses has been noted by the aforementioned and the assumption that there will be an increase of tack on the premises, however we advise the liveries not to keep anything they value here, even locking things away does not stop them, the best you can do is slow them down a little and hope they get caught in the mean time, but if they want to get in they will so it is safer not to have it on site.

Hubby finished the last bit of fencing we will need to do for a while, he went hammer and tong to get it done by Saturday dinnertime, 22 posts to go in, 3 to every twelve foot, maths is not my strong point but that’s roughly 90 feet of fencing before 11.30 in the morning! It will help to get rid of the ‘Christmas belly’ 😉 I have a list of jobs to do this week, mostly thorough clean outs of hutch, runs and houses, there is always plenty of s**t to shovel round here so that will hopefully help me to get rid of some Christmas leftovers too 🙂

The fox is still being elusive, although he is still around, we have seen him with the torch and heard him fighting with another, we have moved one of the traps to the back of the paddock and disguised it with branches! I am not sure if he will be fooled by that or not, at the moment we have not lost any more hens but it wont be long if we don’t catch him soon. I have just realised that I feel like we are under attack from all angles at the minute 😦 No wonder my stress levels are up! Roll on the peaceful, heady days of Summer 😀

Well I have managed to write the blog without shedding any tears after saying goodbye to our youngest at departures last night, in fact she should be landing in Kuala Lumpar any minute on the first leg of the journey, I will heave a sigh of relief when she gets back on the correct plane (arghh) and lands in Sydney, then I will begin to worry again when I see the pictures on Facebook, she is 22 but you never stop worrying!


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