Monday morning and peace and quiet resume :)

I love the weekends when everyone one is home and the activity level is high, but I also quite like Monday mornings when normal routines resume and peace and quiet are all that is heard once more.  The dogs especially get more vocal over the weekend when there are lots of comings and goings, a visit from the puppy always causes havoc as the other dogs would love to get out and ‘eat’ him!

The weather has still been pretty good despite the threats from the met office and I have been continuing to plant rows of vegetable seeds, some of those in the greenhouse have shot up enough to pot on so at the moment it’s all going according to plan. Traditionally the potatoes go in on Good Friday, don’t ask me why as the date changes from year to year but Hubby likes to stick with tradition on that one 🙂 He who must be obeyed 😉 has worked very hard this weekend, there is still a mountain of wood to chop and move from the conifers that we took down and he is slowly making his way through that whenever he has a spare day.

Very often when I sit down to do the blog, I have to think hard about what I have done over the last week, I know the days are always full but I can never remember what I have been doing! Towards the end of the week my Mum came over and we have been busy making the seating area look nice, we have built some nice long boxes to mark out the area and they will be filled with the perennial plants that the girls bought me for Mothers day, along with a few bulbs and some annual flowers seeds. It will be nice to have plenty of flowers this year instead of just veg and it will also benefit the pollination by bringing in the bees and butterfly’s etc. When it is in its full glory I will take some photos and put them on here, talking of photos, I opened the door the other morning to see some Fallow deer grazing in the next field, but by the time I had run in to get the camera they had gone 😦 hopefully the will return again soon and I will be ready for them!

We lost a chicken this week and I automatically blamed a Fox, but the next day we saw two huge Kite circling very low over the house and the paddocks, so it is possible that it was taken by them, normally when a Fox has had a chicken there are tell-tale signs everywhere that the chicken has been chased before being caught. In this instance there were just a bunch of feathers in one place on the ground , so it is possible it had just swooped down and took it, they are magnificent birds but now it looks like the chickens are under attack from the sky as well as the ground 😦

My daughters boyfriend came over with his quad bike this weekend to drag the fields, dragging breaks the cap that the winter weather has formed, it also breaks up any lumps that have formed and lets in the light and the moisture giving the grass a better chance to sprout. The lack of rain however has meant that even at this time of year the ground is very hard and difficult to break up, we managed to do three of the fields but will wait for rain before we attempt the others. The chicken houses were also moved at the same time, they are just pulled to a clean area of grass as the underneath of the hut gets very full of chicken droppings which sours the ground. the drag then rakes over these and they are scattered and will hopefully, when the rain comes, fertilise the ground a bit more.

We had a trip out with friends to another local farm on Saturday to pick up a calf and three piglets, we go halves on these but they are kept at our friends farm for the duration. The calf is an adorable little Aberdeen, she is jet black and as I had the honour of naming her I called her Ebony, I left the naming of the pigs up to them, I will get some photos of them when we go over to visit next Saturday. While we were at the farm we had a look at the other piglets that had been born only 36 hours before, they were so cute, she had 11 altogether and they were all huddled up fast asleep under a lamp, they looked very soft and cuddly, there were other calves there too and I am glad the one we were having was not the one that decided to jump over the wall in an attempt to escape!

We stopped for a coffee with our friends and the lady of the house had just made a delicious tea cake, you can tell it was delicious as Hubby had three pieces!! I was very graciously given the recipe and will be trying that out sometime this week, as soon as I have had a go to make sure it turns out ok I will put it on the recipe page for you all to try yourselves 🙂

Today’s job is not so nice, cleaning! I have barely had time to sling the hoover round this week and so need to have a bit of a deep clean, then we have the end of year paperwork to do, the not so nice side of business 😦 I have still not received the paperwork from Animal Health to send the lambs off so I need to chase that up and I need to do a bit of research into a plucking machine, we have decided to buy one so that the job becomes quick and easy, it is rough on the fingers when you are plucking a few in a row and I always tend to do it when the weather is cool so that the meat stays chilled, but it does mean I am stood for a few hours, this should make light work of it and I may be inclined to do more! I am determined to start off my brewing some time this week as well, the kit has sat there since Christmas and I would like it to be ready for the Jubilee celebrations in June so I need to pull my finger out 😛


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