Have a good Jubilee Weekend :)

It is all systems go on the farm at the moment, we spent last week getting all the rest of the veg plants in the ground so apart from one bed, which is a bit too much like clay and therefore difficult to plant, every available inch of space has been filled! The process for the next few weeks will be weeding and watering with the hopes of a good harvest to come. The potatoes have been earthed up to encourage more root growth and therefore more tubers, the peas and beans all tied in so that they can romp away as soon as the roots take hold, and the poly tunnel produce has settled in and begun to put on growth, all is well with the garden  🙂 Actually this is the easy part really the next battle that will begin is with the slugs and bugs, Cabbage White butterflies have already been spotted looking for a good cabbage to lay their eggs on and no doubt there will be an army of green-fly invading very shortly! Luckily our ‘life balance’ is pretty good and the Ladybirds and Lacewings will not be far away ready to help as soon as they are needed.

The Strawberries are still loaded with flowers, the bed just needs weeding now and any new runners kept under control, we should be eating the first few in the middle of June, that will be the first treat of the year, sadly they wont quite be ready for Jubilee weekend but never mind.

The quail are coming on in leaps and bounds there are still 31 left so a good number, I have had to upgrade their accommodation as they were getting too big for the small brooder in doors, they are now in a larger one in the back stable, they still need a light and will do for another couple of weeks yet. The bigger they got the more they poo the smellier they get and in this weather you don’t want them indoors for too long!! The hens that are sat on eggs in the back paddock have still not hatched anything but still keep laying so I will just leave them until something appears. The other hen in the run had hatched out two chicks but sadly one has since died, it is amazing that they grow and spend all that time hunched in a tight ball, hatch out then proceed to keel over and die without any obvious reason but it is the survival of the fittest and from experience I know it does not do any good to try and save them as they usually die in the end anyway 😦

Hubby and I had a weekend off this week, we left our eldest and her boyfriend in charge and went to Wales to visit my Dad. They did a good job and the farm looks tidy after they had strimmed all the grassy areas and the menage had a rake over, nothing died so that was a bonus!

I took some pictures of my Dad’s veg patch which he is very proud of, it is a small but very productive patch and the lines are very regimental! He is out there every morning weeding and watering and very good it looks too. They live on the side of a hill overlooking a valley and then going up the other side are the Black mountains, the view he has while he is working out there is fantastic and I am very envious of it. They also have a 9 acre wood, which is lovely now, 7 years ago when they moved in it was completely overgrown and difficult to get into, now it is a working wood, it has been cleared, tidied and copiced, all the trees that had to come down have been used for firewood, the branches for kindling and the result is a beautiful serene wood with an abundance of Bluebells, Wood Anenomes, Orchids and many other wild flowers. I went for  a walk through it and heard the unmistakable sound of the Woodpecker, as I got closer to one tree I could hear the chirping of chicks high up in a hole, the nearer I got the louder the Woodpecker chirped to warn me off so I left her in peace.

As you are all no doubt aware this weekend coming is Jubilee Weekend and although we will be working for some of it we are having a few hours off to celebrate, we are having a fancy dress (anything English) Jubilee picnic in the front paddock and the drive will be festooned with bunting and balloons, there will be picnic food to share, jugs of pimms and Aunt Sally to play, whatever you are doing have a great time and enjoy the celebrations, if you haven’t got anything to do bring a picnic and come and join us on the Sunday afternoon you would be most welcome. I wont be blogging next Monday as it will still be holiday time and no doubt I will be clearing up and possibly have a sore head :p, so I will catch up the week after and hopefully have some pics of us lot in fancy dress!

Woodpecker Chicks heard cheeping inside this hole in the tree

Wood pile ready for moving

Dad’s Veg garden

and again from the other end


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