New home for the Quail

What a lovely day, I don’t think I have been able to write that for a while! I have no idea what has happened to our Spring or Summer seasons, they are unrecognisable this year and make for a challenging growing season.

Having said that we are beginning to get a bit of produce, a few courgettes, some mangetout and a handful of strawberries but I don’t think we will have a bountiful harvest this year and I have stopped worrying about it because there is not much more I can do. The heavy rainfall at the weekend totally saturated even the top paddocks so the aquifers must be full by now no matter what the waterboard says. We have managed to keep the weeds at bay with a couple of intensive sessions, now we just need a good few days of Sunshine to kick everything into gear.

The Quail have been moved into their new ‘des res’, I think they like it, there is certainly more room than in the brooder unit which is now occupied by the Legbar hatchlings,  I am just waiting for one more broody to naturally hatch a couple of eggs and then I think that will do for hatching this year.

Everything pretty much just rolls along at this time of year, we have topped a couple of the paddocks to encourage root strengthening in the grass, the corner paddock has got very long and Hubby wanted to cut it but I want to leave it to go to seed, besides it looks lovely and the wildlife is teeming in there, very ‘Little House on the Prairie’! I win 🙂 The muck piles are doing great with all the rain we have had, a dry heap means that the breakdown doesnt work very well and it usually only gets going in the Autumn, but at this rate the muck will be ready to use much earlier. We always have a plentiful supply if anyone wants some and give it away for free 🙂

I am going to make Mint Jelly today, I first tasted this a couple of years ago and I like it much better than Mint sauce, it has a lovely refreshing taste that goes well with Lamb and I prefer it to the vinegar based sauce, although it does not keep as long. I have made it before and used all natural ingredients but the colour was quite bland so this time I am going to use a touch of food colouring as well just for looks. The sheep (I have stopped calling them Lambs) are still here and will eventually go although I am getting quite fond of them, or I was until they managed to open the chicken hut door last night and spent the night in there with the hens, not too much of a problem except that they didn’t close the door behind them so it’s a good job Mr Fox was not about!

The next big job on our perpetual list is the new front fence,hopefully we can start that at the weekend, you may remember we took down the conifers right at the front of the drive and the fence was taken out at the same time. Having been erected in the 1970’s it was completely rotten and was falling down anyway, the new wood for the fence was delivered some time ago but we have not had time to do anything with it yet. I am hoping by next Spring the trees that are left will have recovered sufficiently from their drastic pruning and put on new growth and I intend to plant bulbs underneath this Autumn, the result should be quite pretty and it will lift the look of the entrance to the farm greatly.

I am glad the Sun is shinning today, it is 29 years ago that I got married in the Church down in the Village here, the Sun shone beautifully on that day too. I had a little chuckle to myself as I remember that I was about 20 minutes late because the car got stuck behind a tractor and they didn’t go very fast in those days, also the chap that drove the bridesmaids car had to stop and deliver some eggs on the way there!!! You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl LOL

Right I am off to gather armfuls of Mint, see you next week 🙂


I was very impressed with Hubby’s handiwork and the Quail are loving it too 🙂




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