A day late!

I am a day late writing my blog this week, that’s because it was my birthday yesterday and I gave myself the day off 🙂

We finally made a decision about the sheep this week and we are going to keep them, hopefully we will be able to borrow or hire a ram at the end of October and have our very first lambs in April. This meant that we had to shear them, the weather was very hot last week and they were in danger of suffering from heat exhaustion, Mum came over to help me and the final look was not too pretty but was much more comfortable for them! I only nicked them once a tiny bit so I was quite impressed with myself, they probably weren’t, then we doused them with Jeyes Fluid so that the flies stay away and they don’t end up with fly strike and they are happily back out in the field to spend their days munching on grass. It is quite a leap of faith to take as we have never done any lambing before but I have been reading up about it and hopefully it will be a success. If not we will have gained some valuable experience in the process.

We also decided this week to get a new puppy! She does not arrive until the end of August and we can’t wait. I have been longing for a Blue Merle Border Collie for a couple of years and the time is right. Our other collie, Milly is 10 this year and I want to get it before she is too old to cope, she is such a good dog that I want her to be able to teach the new puppy the ropes. We puppy sat at the weekend and it was fine so that prompted our move. I found a litter about an hour away, we went over to have a look, both parents were there and of lovely temperament so the deal was done. We are going to call her Mia and that will probably get changed to Mimi, we have a habit of calling our pets by a different name to the one they were originally given. Take Jazz, my Shetland, it went from Jazz to The Jazz Man to Jazz man Dewy to just just Dewy!

I have been picking quite a bit of veg this week, the courgettes have gone into overdrive with all that sun and the runner beans have started producing although I have to be careful picking them as the flowers keep falling off which will diminish the crop. I think that is happening due to the strange weather patterns we have had. I also noticed this week that the leaves were beginning to fall off the trees, yikes it’s only mid Summer, what is happening?

I am not sure if one of the ducks is sitting on eggs, I keep counting six then later another appears and is then gone again. They have a pallet in their house and she comes out from under it, either she is getting stuck or she is sitting, I will keep you posted on that one.

Today’s blog is being written on my new IPad so I am not sure how it will turn out! Everything looks different and I will need to work a few things out such as uploading photos etc, I am sure I will get the hang of it fairly soon. Strangely, although I am a country girl at heart, I do love technology and the fascinating world it opens up to everyone.


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