What a rumpus!

We had a rather rude awakening this morning at 4.30 when the dogs began to make a heck of a racket. This was far more noise than they usually make and clearly something was amiss, all three of us shot up out of bed and quickly pulled some clothes on to see what was happening. We soon realised that something was inside Kai’s kennel and he was not about to let it out, in fact he was fighting with it and Moloko was egging him on with a bit of barking too. We called Kai, who obediently came out and whatever it was shot out behind him and away across the field. On inspection of the kennel this morning, the overpowering smell led me to believe it was a fox although it could have equally been a badger, whatever it was I don’t think it will be back in hurry!
This mornings first job after feeding had to be cleaning out the kennel and using an antiviral cleaner to lessen the risk of the dog catching anything from the mystery short stay guest.

The unpredictable weather has returned and we are back to doing jobs In-between showers, although I am assured the sun will be back next week. The rain/sun pattern has been quite good for the garden though and the veg are now coming on in leaps and bounds, I am picking plenty of runner beans and courgettes and the pumpkins are showing great promise this year. We decided to grow them for two reasons, firstly they cover a fair bit of ground and so we have planted them in any available spaces to keep the weeds down, secondly, the shortage of pumpkins available for Halloween, this year they will be on sale at the farm gate for anyone who has left it a little late!

I had been having a bit of trouble with inserting photos using the laptop but with this iPad it is much easier and as a story is bit boring without any pictures I have taken a couple so you can see how this are progressing in the garden and the poly tunnel.

I had a big pile of carrots to wash, chop and blanch ready for the freezer today, last year I tried storing them over winter but it was not very successful and we missed having carrots to eat with our stews, so this year I am freezing them to be on the safe side. Picture at the bottom of the blog as I can’t get it to go under this piece!

This week has been hectic for all sorts of reasons not least of which was my birthday šŸ™‚ I had a lovely day with some great presents to use in and around the farm. We also went to the rare breed auction in Cirencester on Saturday, we came away with a few purchases, one was a complete indulgence of some Blue Andulucians which are beautiful birds and when I get them settled I will post some photos of them. We also bought a few blue eggs layers, these will be sold on but will will be keeping one of the cockerel as he is unrelated to our own hatch and therefore will be used introduce new bloodlines.

The duck that we had high hopes of brooding her eggs has abandoned the project, probably just as well as we don’t need any more ducks but it would have been nice to see her waddling round the farmyard with ducklings in tow. I cleaned them out this morning and there were two dozen eggs in the nest, no wonder we weren’t getting many duck eggs to sell. We do have another hen gone broody though, this will be the second batch she has brooded this year and we don’t really need anymore chickens but it is hard to break them from brooding once they start so we will let her get on with it and see what happens. The egg numbers dropped drastically during that very hot spell and it is only just beginning to pick back up, the weather certainly has the poultry in a bit of a tizz, they don’t know if they are going into Winter or coming out of it!

I will get some pictures of the sheep and their dreadful new haircuts for you to chuckle at next week, I keep thinking I ought to have another go at making them look better but it was quite a struggle and they can’t see what they look like can they šŸ˜‰


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