My to do list is longer than my week!

I have totally enjoyed catching some of the Olympics over the last two weeks but now it’s time to get back to some serious work and my list has suddenly got very long. The veg patch has been putting on some growth at a great rate of knots, the runner beans grow about six inches overnight, no rude comments please;) We have finished digging up the potatoes, normally the main crop would stay in the ground but they have succumbed to blight, not surprising considering all the rain we had. The haul was disappointing, not because of the lack of potatoes but the condition of them, the Desiree did very well and I am pleased with those but the King Edwards were nearly all rotting or eaten, they are a drought resistant variety and did well in the first part of the year but the wet has rendered them useless, and I had to throw away about 90 percent of them. we have got enough to keep us going for a few months but they won’t last until next Spring. To fill that gap I have planted some in the poly tunnel, these will be ready at Christmas and because it is a controlled environment I should be able to harvest them throughout January and February with a bit of luck. I have also planted some Winter lettuce, Chinese cabbage and red mustard to give us some salad during the colder months. The other crops are still going strong in the tunnel, the cucumbers are increasing in number and my middle daughter tells me they are the best she has ever tasted 🙂 Tomatoes are slowly ripening, I am just managing to pick half a dozen every other day and along with a couple of peppers we are doing alright for salad.

Sadly one of my ducks died yesterday, it actually drowned in the pond, this is the same duck that always get stuck in a bucket of water whenever she gets in, she obviously can’t get herself out for some reason and I found her last night, once the feathers become soaking wet they no longer protect her from getting cold and it can be a rapid decline.

Hubby has the next two weeks off work and so hopefully we will get a good few jobs done, although I am not holding my breath as at this very moment he is asleep on the sofa! Now i know what your thinking, that he is entitled to a sleep while I am sat here doing my blog, well I am not just sat typing this for you to read, I am multitasking, I have just dyed my hair and am waiting for the colour to take whilst writing this 🙂 Job one was a bit fat fail this morning as I had asked him to take the broken glass from the greenhouse to the tip, they informed him when he got there that he would need a permit because he was in a van, this is a free permit that permits a householder to take rubbish in a van up to 12 times a year. Now in essence I don’t have a problem with this except that the chap said if he brings it back in the car they can accept it! There is no logic to some red tape, surely recycling is recycling no matter what vehicle it arrives in, or is just me?

The quail eggs have hatched and out of 74, pretty nearly all of them were fertile, however only 30 of them hatched the rest were failed hatches. I think I have a cold spot in the incubator which would affect the hatch rate, they nearly all pipped which is the first stage of hatching, then the chick rotates in the shell breaking the rest of it as it goes, this is where the problem begins, I would expect a few weaker ones not to be able to manage it hence the survival of the fittest, that would not account for the other 30 or so. They are tiny, cute little chicks but they do die at an alarming rate, they tend to climb all over each other and sit in a huddle, consequently the one at the bottom gets crushed, then I have found a couple in the drinker that have drowned, it is not an easy process by any means.

The veg and egg sales at the gate have been huge this week, as fast as I put produce out, it gets snapped up, great for us but not so great for customers that make the journey specifically to buy our stuff. I always feel bad if we sell out but short of increasing everything again, which I would not be able to cope with, it is just a case of, first come, first served, or the early bird gets the worm!
We have also sold a few chickens this week too, I had literally said to Hubby in the morning that we hadn’t sold any for a while and lo and behold two people turn up that same day, he said, can you do that again but this time talk about winning the lottery!

I rather think he has had long enough napping on the sofa now don’t you, I will wake him kindly with a nice cup of tea, after all he did make me lunch today which made a nice change, even if it was from the builders menu, i.e a bacon butty instead of my usual salad, and if you are thinking ah how lovely they are to each other, don’t forget, this is just day one, we have two weeks to go yet 😉


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