Sorry I’m late !

The publishing and indeed writing of the blog is way behind today, I picked up a stomach bug somewhere (goodness knows where as i haven’t been out) and spent most of last night up and unwell so I am not at my best today. It is quite a shock to the system as I am made of tough stuff and very rarely become infected with anything other than the odd cold 🙂

We are well into the second week of Hubby’s time off and aside from a couple of spats and a few glares in the ‘I am not speaking to you’ moments, we are doing alright! The main job was to get the front of the building reclad, two thirds of it are finished already and we are just waiting for some more wood to arrive. We were given some off cuts of very good insulation, even while it was lying on the floor it felt like a duvet and should keep out some of the biting wind in the Winter. The weather seems to always be against our work choices though as the front of the building is South facing and the sun shone and shone while we were trying to put it up and stain it. We have taken out all the plants that were growing along the front, hopefully we will be able to save some of them by healing them in until we need them again. A south facing wall is the perfect place for a Wisteria and that’s hopefully what I will be growing across the front maybe coupled with some rambling rectors!

A disaster has occurred in the poly tunnel and the tomatoes have all succumbed to blight, I was hoping it was natural die back but sadly that was not the case, I have managed to get a few fruits off but they will probably go bad as they ripen. I can only assume that it was caused by watering them with the rain water before they were planted, blight is carried in water droplets and so next year I will raise them entirely in the poly tunnel so they do not come into contact with any rain water at all. The rest of the produce in there is fine, in fact I am picking cucumbers daily, the aubergines are forming nicely although still quite small, there are French beans forming, the winter veg plants are slowly coming on too. I put my home brew to good use in the slug traps and placed them in the tunnel to stop any nocturnal munching going on, I have caught quite a few, the boozy lot 🙂

At this time of year the veg plot can become a bit overwhelming, everything is growing out of control, the weeds are overtaking the plants and the picking of the veg itself can take a good deal of time, the cabbage white butterfly mount a continuous attack on any brassicas that are standing, even netting them is almost a waste of time because they find a way in no matter what. With all that going on imagine just how cross I was to find that the chickens had started nibbling away at my pumpkins, we had to quickly put up some netting to keep them off of the prize winning specimens we are nurturing for Halloween. These chickens are not supposed to be out and certainly not supposed to be in the veg garden but they keep finding a way out over the six foot fence. One of them gets out to go and lay her eggs, we discovered a little egg clutch when we were taking out all the foliage at the front of the house, we even had to wait until she had finished laying before we could dig the shrub up. The next day she spent all day wandering about wondering where her shrub had gone and looking for a new place to lay, luckily they like to announce loudly when a new egg is imminent and she was later heard in the compost heap where lo and behold she had deposited her treasure. Every egg is a treasure at the minute as we can’t keep up with demand, we have acquired a couple of new customers since a local farm shop closed down and the eggs are literally flying off the shelf as well as the excess veg, great for us but we don’t have anywhere near the quantities that the farm shop were selling!

We are getting closer to the date that we get the new puppy and have puppy proofed the area as much as possible, I can’t wait to bring her home and put some more pictures of her on the blog. It should be an interesting few weeks with her about and there will no doubt be a few stories to tell, meeting the cats, that will scary for her as will most things I expect.


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