Water, water, everywhere!

Well we made it through the two weeks holiday with barely a mention of divorce so I consider that a triumph! The jobs on the list have yet to be finished as the wood has still not arrived to finish re cladding the front of the building and Hubby decided to start another major job right at the end of the fortnight. The tack room is in desperate need of an overhaul, it is dark, dingy and dusty, after ripping out all the old units etc the job of digging the floor up ready to be concreted began, it was going well until about halfway through Hubby hit the water main with the pick axe, I don’t know why I was surprised really it was inevitable I think. After a few choice words the repair was made and it is now ready to be concreted hopefully next weekend, I have been on the look out for anyone taking out an old kitchen and have a couple of offers so fingers crossed. It will be nice to be able to have somewhere pleasant to make tea for the farriers when they come.

The fortnight seems to gave gone by so quickly and we never did manage to get those couple of days away, we were supposed to go down to Dad’s in Wales but sadly a family death meant that he had to come up here for the funeral and that put paid to that. While he was here I made good use of his knowledge and got him to show me what all the old tools we have lying about were used for and pick his brains about a few other bits that will need doing but we had no clue on how to go about them. It is a shame he is so far away now because he can do all the old trades, hedge laying, shearing, thatching, hay making, stonewalling, he would be worth his weight in gold if he was nearer πŸ™‚

Some of the chicks have hatched out in the back paddock, the ones with the three broody hens sat on them, although the three of them in together keep squashing the new arrivals, I have had to take one of them out and place her and the chicks elsewhere otherwise there would be more dead chicks than live ones. We have changed the entire feed for the poultry this week to see if it kick starts the egg laying, we ought to be getting about 50 eggs a day but we are only picking up 20 if that, the demand for eggs has gone up and at the moment we are unable to meet it. The ducks on the other hand are laying well and the customer demand for those has also increased lately which is great, at one time I was giving duck eggs to the dogs for thier dinner but not anymore, they now have Quail eggs if I end up with too many sitting around, they seem to like them and eat the shell as well.

Yesterday we phoned the people about the puppy and she said you can pick her up anytime, we will be there in an hour, I said! We bought Mia home and introduced her to the other dogs, the chickens, geese and horses, I think she was a little overwhelmed. Her first major discovery is what happens when you try to get through the electric fence, yelp, she shot off across the field startling the sheep so much they ran away from her. No doubt there will be plenty of Mia stories to come over the next few weeks.



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