Where did that week go?

Time in general seems to be flying past, the day, the week, the month, the year, life! As I have Said before, one reason for writing this is to be able to look back years from now and remember what we did, what we learnt and the laughs and tears we had on the journey.

One of the the most unpleasant days is septic tank emptying day, it gets emptied once a year and I always forget just what a stench it is, luckily it was not a hot day this year. The lorry has to park close to the kitchen window in order to be able to reach the pipes to the tank, it begins sucking up the contents and the stink begins. If you are one of those that think your s..t doesn’t stink, think again lol, and the smell does not leave once the lorry has gone, it lingers for hours, opening the doors and windows does not relive it. Luckily I had a phone call inviting me out for coffee and I quickly took the offer up!

Little Mia, the puppy, has been poorly this week, we thought at one point she would not make it through the night even though she had had an antibiotic shot, luckily she did and is well on the way to recovery, in fact she is full of beans this morning πŸ™‚ Consequently she has not been up to much this week but I am sure she will make up for it very soon.

We have an escaped duck that is sat the other side of the the fence, as I write, up in the back paddocks. It was my aim to move the young ducklings that we were given from the local hotel a while back, they are getting big and making a mess of the paddock so it was time to move them to the duck pond area. I managed to catch two of them but the third was on a mission not to be caught, she went through the only gap in the livestock fencing, up and over the wall into the next farm. We spent the best part of yesterday morning trying to get her back from the thick undergrowth of the hedge, we failed, she spent the night out and luckily is still there this morning,I have tried coaxing her back with a bread trail but as yet that is unsuccessful. The thing with ducks is they are quite nervous and so the minute you take a step towards them they shoot off, I am hoping she comes back through the hole of her own accord otherwise she is likely to be fox food!

Hubby has at last finished the cladding on the front of the building and it looks very smart indeed, I used to be a bit embarrassed to say the least about the state of the building we lived in, but now I look at it and think wow, that looks good, I don’t mind saying That’s our home now πŸ™‚ I think people think we are a bit mad actually, moving from all the mod cons to what was at best a shed with accommodation, but over the years we have made it warm and cosy, decorated it and made it home. If an opportunity presents itself to you in life then take it that’s what I say, you never know what adventures you will have along the way.

The air temperature is definitely falling in the mornings and evenings, Autumn is just around the corner and it seems to be catching us unawares because of the lack of Summer. The plums and the walnuts appear to be ready and I keep thinking that’s too early but of course it’s not, it just we are not ready for it yet. I have noticed one sign that indicates the nuts are ready, dead squirells on the road, obviously run over while they have been out collecting. I have not seen ours yet but I am sure he will be making an appearance soon. We have cleared all the suckers and and debris from under the nut trees so that we can collect them when they begin to fall.

Good news, one of the liveries has just come and knocked on the door to say that the duck is back this side of the fence, now I just need to catch her and put her in with the others, easier Said than done!

The amount of jobs to do seems to have overtaken the amount of hours to do them in again, it is a busy time again, after waiting for everything to grow, it’s now time to harvest and process everything, but it all comes at once. I need to check the sweet corn and see if they are ready and they will need cutting off, blanching and freezing. I was determined to have more sweet corn this year because the taste was sooooo good last year, seemed like a good idea at the time, now I am thinking, thats a lot of corn to process. The greenery on the pumpkins is beginning to die back and reveal just how many pumpkins we have managed to grow and how big some of them are. It’s all about preparing for the Winter months now, including cleaning out the Rayburn ready to fire her up when it gets too cold. I am quite looking forward to having it lit though, nice warm kitchen and long slow cooking stews mmmmmmmm what am I saying, as if life does whizz past as it is, I am wishing it away.



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