Finally got a trailer!

We finally got the elusive trailer that will make life easier, we decided on a horse trailer, that way it is duel purpose. We found it on eBay and Hubby and Daughters BF went to have a look and bought it back with them from Northampton. It is now in the process of having some TLC, not that it is in bad condition but if we tart it up a little it will be splendid! That means we are free to carry livestock whenever we need to and are not restricted to borrowing anymore 🙂

The tack room overhaul is coming along nicely, Hubby has built some new cubby holes and fitted the kitchen units, it will be so much nicer in there now. It was dark, dingy, dusty and downright depressing before, now it will be somewhere that is of an acceptable condition to make a cuppa for the farriers and even one for ourselves when we are outside working.

The chicken ark has also had its overhaul, been sprayed for red mite and had a coat of creocoate, the chooks were moved back out there this morning and they look happy to be back outside. The stable has been made ready for the next lot to come in while we do the same to thier ark.

Mia is finding life fun on the farm, everything is a game, from the water coming out of the hosepipe to the apples falling off the trees. She is easily entertained and is at this moment having a ball with a piece of bale string, she has been on yet more antibiotics, looks like she is going to be high maintenance!

I was reminded that it was four years ago today when we arrived here in the morning to find that we had been robbed! The livery yard was full at the time and they had stolen all of the saddles and tack belonging to the girls, it is also my eldest daughters birthday and I was so relived that I had decided not to buy her a new saddle and leave it with a bow on for her to find, that would have been heartbreaking. It was a heartbreaking and distressing time for everyone who lost property, the police were great but said that in all honesty we would probably never get the stuff back and they were right. The girls even went to the local Gypsy fair so see if they could find thier stuff on sale but with no luck. People are under the misconception that if you have horses you are well off, this is not the case, in most circumstances the girls work hard to be able to fund a hobby that they enjoy and for someone to think they can just nick it is disgusting in my book.

That was part of the run of bad luck we had when we first bought the place, we had a second robbery just a fortnight later, they decided to come back for anything they left the first time round! It was something that played on my mind for a couple of years and I have only just stopped thinking that we are a potential target for any nighttime visitors. My motto had to become, don’t let the b……s get you down, cos if they do, they have won.

Rural crime is a real threat, and I am glad we have the dogs here, I never make any apology for the din they make whenever anyone arrives, for us they are a real necessity and the best alarm I can think of 🙂

We are still under discussion about when to light the Rayburn, once it is lit we don’t want to let it out and so the timing is crucial. At the moment with the sun shinning in it would make the place feel like a furnace, but at night the temperature is dropping quite a bit so we are using the little electric heater just to take the chill off the air.

We had a lovely meal of stewed rabbit yesterday, our middle daughter took one home that we had previously shot and invited us over to share. She cooked it in the slow cooker and it was quite delicious so I may put that on the menu more often from now on. We had a discussion about homeless people and if they ever catch rabbits and eat them, it’s pretty good free food after all.

Another free food that I am very much looking forward to are blackberries, the lack of cultivated soft fruit means that I don’t have enough jars of jam to see us through to next summer so the blackberries will be very useful. Although without a decent amount of apples to go with them I dont think there will be very many pies going in the oven 😦

We have a birthday to celebrate today, our eldest is 27 this year,so we will have a houseful of family later on. it’s always nice to have a bit of sunshine on a birthday, we will probably put the BBQ on for the last time this year, actually with the terrible weather we have only had it on twice anyway! Let’s hope next spring and summer are better and that the winter coming is not too harsh!


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