Eggs have gone up, in price not numbers!

Mia has been a busy puppy this week, she is developing her character a bit more and we find she is not afraid of much! She is wary of the geese but she will still climb through the gate to follow me across the paddock, she is not at all afraid of the horses feet although she has not been kicked yet, that will be a lesson when it comes. She spends her morning following me around on the feed round, then we play a bit of ball and she is usually tired by lunchtime and crashes in her bed, she has enough to keep her both physically and mentally exercised and so up to now has not been too naughty.

We have had a busy weekend and consequently I can’t think of what I did in the last week at all, I just know that by Sunday evening I was tired out! We cleared the hay barn on the Saturday morning so that we could get the trailer in the dry, we need to rub it down a bit and give it a coat of paint, also if it is not out in all weathers it will hopefully last a good few years. In the afternoon we went to a charity fun day which had been organised by one of our neighbours, luckily the weather was good and as it was within walking distance we were able to have a few more beers than usual 🙂 We went back for a BBQ in the evening and the chap got his home made cider out, he made it from the apples on his trees, he said he just chucked in the apples added a bit of sugar and voila! I wish I was that free and easy with my methods, I am the type who will get the book out and follow the instructions carefully step by step! To this day I still follow a recipe to make things, the only exception is a basic sponge cake and pastry, those I know half by heart.

I just remembered the major occurrence this week and that was the decision to put up the price of the chicken eggs to £1.20 per half dozen. With the cost of feed rising all the time and the threat of an increase of 15 percent on most foodstuffs in the coming months, we decided it was not viable to leave them at a pound. I then decided to weigh out exactly what each chicken should be eating per day and total it up to find how much it is costing us, probably not the best idea and it just confirmed what we already knew, that the chickens don’t make us any money. They would if they all laid everyday, because we easily have the demand for eggs, the problem is that we bought in too many at once to sell on and they are still waiting to be sold. If they laid any eggs to sell in the mean time they would be cost effective but it seems that the weather and the daylight hours are against us and so they are not laying as many as they should be. One of the problems was possibly that I was not feeding them enough, so they have now all had their feed increased to the optimum amount per day and no doubt we will have an egg mountain by the end of the week 😉 I have not even costed in my time and labour, with that included they would probably retail at around £5 a box!! So I still think the eggs are value for money, where else can you buy a protein and vitamin packed ready meal for 20p per portion!

On Sunday we were busy clearing rubbish and taking it to the dump, we also had a feed run to do and I needed some new wellies (again). You surely don’t need some more asked Hubby, yes I replied, when you spend the best part of six hours a day, seven days a week wearing them, they don’t last long I can assure you! Good job I don’t wear Jimmy Choo ones otherwise it would cost a fortune each year. Our eldest daughters BF came over with his quad bike to help sort out a couple of the paddocks, they needed dragging and a broken down elder tree needed cutting up with the chainsaw and bringing back to the woodpile. Whilst he was here he noticed the school mirrors moving around a bit too much in the wind, when they went to look closer they found that the top wooden rail had rotted away completely and basically all that was holding them in was one bolt, so they took them down to make it safe, it’s a good job he noticed, that would have been nasty, not to mention costly, if they had fallen out and smashed while someone was riding in there.

Our middle daughter and BF joined us for a family roast at the end of a busy but satisfying weekend, at this time of year there is nothing better than the noisy chatter of a family sat round the table feasting on homegrown produce and I might complain about the amount of washing up it produces but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Looking forward to the week ahead there are the small chicken houses to clean out as well as the rabbit cages and the Quail, Walnuts and cobnuts to be picked up, I need to try and weed the front area by the main gate in order to plant some of the bulbs that have arrived and a visit to see our cow is on the cards for the weekend. There are a hundred and one other little jobs to do as well so thank goodness for the nights drawing in and the chance to have a rest at the end of the day!


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