91st post!

This is apparently my 91st blog post, that is almost two years of weekly postings, well done to anyone who has been with me from the beginning, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know who you are and why you are still reading!!!

My first post was at the end of Jan 2011 and was only 167 words long, by August of that year I was up to just under 1000 words, the busiest viewing day was Feb 21st 2011 with 42 people reading it, my top commentator is David and the blog has been read by at least one person in 38 different countries, the highest number of people reading it is in the UK followed by Australia the USA and Indonesia!!!

It has been a very wet weekend and as a result we now have a small river running all the way through the bottom paddocks, it doesn’t stop there, it then spills over into the lane and continues into the fields opposite, we have stables that have water coming up through the dirt floor and very soggy looking chickens. Hopefully the sun will shine and most of it will be gone in a day or two, what is worrying is that it is only the beginning of Winter and we seem to be at saturation point already, we could be in for an interesting few months.

The girls have gone on a three week holiday and hopefully they will come home pregnant, I am of course talking about the sheep 🙂 We loaded them up on Saturday morning, it went quite well considering they had never been in a trailer before, we took the opportunity to give them their injections and spray them with a colour mark so we know which are ours when we return. Hubby and daughters boyfriend then drove them a few miles down the road and offloaded them into the field containing their new beau. On Sunday morning we had a phone call, because of all the rain the chap looking after them had got them in to the shed, he was worried that they were looking too cold and wet, another reason we need some sun, so that the business to be done is successful!

My domestic (inner) goddess 😉 appeared to have left home for a short while one day this week, I decided that it would be a good day to make a panful of chicken soup and some freshly made
bread, I loaded up the bread maker with a sourdough mix, following the usual instructions and chopped up left over chicken with some onions, garlic, veg and stock that I had in the freezer. The soup was looking good and tasting great, it looked a bit too chunky so I decided to whizz it in the blender for a minute or two, this is when it all went badly wrong. I left it in too long and the result looked like something the cat threw up, it didn’t end there because for some reason the bread mix didn’t rise and there was a heavy lump of cooked dough in the bread maker, I hope the goddess comes back soon, I can’t face another meal like that 😦

Mia has reached the stage where she has selective hearing, she has gone from an obedient little bundle of love to a delinquent fur ball and a mostly filthy dirty one at that! She has suddenly decided I am no longer to be listened to unless one of the words is dinner or ball, she is certain to ignore any phrases that contain, bath, here or in. Her new favourite game is cat stalking closely followed by teasing the geese, even though both of these are likely to end with her getting a swipe or a peck, she shows no fear which is not always a good thing. Once she is in for the evening and cleaned off she is the delightful little puppy we were hoping for but during the day she is very much a tomboy dog, tearing around in the dirtiest puddles she can find and usually getting up to no
good. The training will continue and hopefully she will blossom into a well behaved dog, fingers crossed, she has been quite good up to now, I should have known it was the calm before the storm.

I did get busy this week with a few of the jobs I mentioned in the last post, cleaning out the poultry was the biggest and most urgent job, my back was aching by the end of the day but I was satisfied that it had been done and they were all nice and clean, and then the rain came, turning the pens into a bog and with the subsequent mud that was traipsed into the coops I wondered why I bothered! I still have not got round to doing anything on the veg garden it is generally too wet to work on and it won’t hurt to leave it for a while longer, but I will try and get into the poly tunnel this week and clear anything that has gone over. I ordered some ever bearing strawberry plants at the end of the summer and they will be going into the tunnel for and early crop, they should keep flowering from early spring until well into October giving us a good continuous supply of fruits next year. It might seem premature to be thinking about next years produce already but it is a good time to start planning the rotation and making lists of what you would like to grow, what worked and what didn’t, I have had a request to grow ‘spaghetti squash’ not something I have tried before so that will be interesting. Squash do fairly well in our soil on the whole, the pumpkins grown especially for this week just gone were carved out in splendid form to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, I will definitely be growing them again next year.

You can tell how the weather went yesterday when this weeks blog is pressed and ready to go just after 7.30 on a Monday morning! Have a good week everyone x


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