Slow, slow, not quick, slow

This weeks title is dedicated to my laptop! It was slow until I spent all this morning, uninstalling, defragmenting and optimising, basically giving it a technical boot up the bum, hopefully it should run a bit faster now and I can get this weeks post out on time 🙂

Lets think, what has happened this week, it started if I remember correctly with a glorious sunny day on Monday, I spent the day gardening, well weeding mostly, I collected the last of the cucumbers from the poly tunnel amazed that I could still pick them in November. I had quite a little haul from the tunnel including some potatoes that I had planted a while back, they seemed to bolt quickly and I didn’t think that there would be anything from them so it was quite pleasing to find a couple of boilings beneath the surface, those together with some brocoli and some french beans made a lovely addition to some lamb chops for tea. Hubby has been busy putting more manure on the raised beds that are now cleared of any produce, and I am still waiting for the fruit trees to arrive, I need to chase them up I think or the ground will be frozen and we will be unable to plant them.

Monday was also the day that the mower was scheduled to be picked up after we sold it on Ebay, various text messages informed me that the transporter driver was coming from Germany and would arrive at 6pm. He was on time and his transporter was huge, he couldn’t get in the drive and so we had to load it up in the lane. Now you would think that if someone was collecting a ride on mower they would have ramps to get it up onto the lorry wouldn’t you, it appears not, luckily we have some ramps but the incline was so steep that it had to be pushed up, this coupled with the fact that the driver hardly spoke a word of English made it quite entertaining, although poor hubby ended up with backache, he is not getting any younger you know 😉

The weather went into decline after that first day and it became quite a bit colder, the fire went out over night on one occasion and I took the opportunity to clean the flueways on the Rayburn before relighting it so that we don’t accidentally  poison ourselves. I have also fed my christmas cake this week, I had cleaned out my store cupboard and found various bottles of unopened alcohol in there including some miniature Whisky which I decided was just the right amount to lace the cake with. I found half a bottle of Vodka which is now steeping in raspberries and sugar to make a nice liqueur ready for Christmas, and I have begun the process of brewing Cider, which I am especially looking forward to tasting! Talking of Christmas  (we can now as December is only a couple of weeks away) I have been looking through the various produce I have been making ready to box up as gifts, I have amazed myself with my organization this year and found I only needed one or two more items to complete my list. The Christmas tree enterprise is going ahead, we have now paid for the trees and eagerly await their arrival at the end of November, I still need to make a board for the front but I have been putting it on all the Facebook pages I am a member of so hopefully people will remember where they saw them advertised and come and buy one. We are delving into the unknown a bit and just hope it works out ok.

The weather for the rest of the week has been a bit uninspiring really and does not beckon you outside and so I have been tidying various areas indoors, one of which was the store cupboard where I found enough unused alcohol to see us through this Christmas without the need to buy any more! I also tided and cleaned the room where the dogs sleep, not that you would be able to tell now as they soon mess the place up again. I changed their floor cushions for thicker ones as the weather gets colder, they are getting on a bit and need more padding underneath them than they did before, don’t we all, I can hear you say 😉 There are plenty more areas to be sorted, just as well really with the weather on a downward spiral.

The sheep have been penned with the ram at their temporary accommodation, they seem to be getting star treatment, the chap left a message to say that our sheep are pregnant “how does he know”, I asked hubby,” he is 70 years old” was his reply, as if that fact alone would verify it! The rest of the animals are getting as fed up with the declining weather as we are, the oldest of our dogs, hates any hint of rain or cold and is reluctant to go outside even for the shortest time, barking to come back in the minute he has finished his business. The chickens are still laying pretty well considering the drop in temperature, we have moved the coop in the big paddock onto new, clean ground nearer to the gate so that we don’t have to walk too far with the water buckets in Winter, the horses always look sorry for themselves when the wet weather is constant, the only one who love it are the ducks , they are not phased at all by changes in weather patterns, I suppose if I had a permanent, waterproof, duck down duvet on, I wouldn’t complain either.

I just took a quick look at the blog posts for this time last year to see what comparisons I could find, apparently I was feeling full of beans due to the brisk wind, hopefully the brisk wind will replace the rain later on this week and I will be full of beans again!


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