Get your Christmas Trees here!

The Christmas Tree venture is a little slow to say the least, at this rate we will probably only just get our money back, but that’s fine, nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say, so if you have not got your tree yet get down here and buy it 🙂

The weather has been eventful again this time the strong wind was causing the problems, I sometimes think it would be easier to strip the greenhouses of all the perspex and glass before Winter! We have now lost most of the roof panels in one of the greenhouses and the next one was stripped of three panels during one day. Hubby spent Sunday morning fixing them back into place, but for how long? The fact that we are very exposed and the wind whips up the small valley means that it is quite fierce when it gets going, something we should have thought about before siting them, but as they were erected in the Summer months we didn’t give it much thought and now have to mend them most Winters. The poly tunnel is standing up well to the wind though, probably because it is very taught, as it gets older and slackens a bit we may have problems with that too. We did put up a wind break around the whole garden but it is only waist height and was primarily to protect the growing vegetables, I think a six-foot high wall might do the trick but we would have no views across the fields!

The rabbit is still around and its delightful to watch her helping herself to the Kale in the veg garden, she almost has to stand right up to reach the best bits, each morning I go out and at first I don’t see her and think, that’s it she has gone, then she turns up somewhere unexpected or I see her scuttle out from a corner in the yard and I am amazed she is still around.

Mia has been a minx this weekend, while we were out feeding, Hubby came down the yard carrying her in his arms, she is limping badly and can’t walk he said, put her down and lets take a look, I reply, so he sets her down and she promptly runs off as right as rain, the livery and I burst out laughing and tell him he has been had by a five month old puppy! I think she just wanted a free lift from one end of the farm to the other.

We had an incident at 1.30 Saturday morning which I am convinced was human, the dog started barking as if to say get up there is someone out here. If you have dogs you will know that they have a different type of bark for different things, if it is an animal of some kind the bark is usually excitable the same as if they are playing, if it is someone they know it is a friendly bark, this was none of the above in fact it was quite fierce and so Hubby got out of bed and turned on the lights. This usually does the trick and by the time he got dressed and got the torch the barking had slowed indicating that the threat had moved on. I think they were probably after a tree, we had been warned that Christmas tree thefts were quite likely which is why they are in the front yard with the guard dog. It’s a sad state of affairs in this day and age when you are trying to make an honest living that some folks think its okay to take what belongs to someone else, it might only be  a tree but we have already paid for it so keep your mitts off or the dog wont be the only growling thing you come up against!! There was an incident earlier in the week along our lane, a stolen car lost it on a bend at 6am on an icy morning and went straight through our neighbours fence, one offender was arrested and one of them legged it, if anyone ever says they are moving to the country for a quiet life, put them straight will you 😉

Apart from that things have been pretty much normal around here, the colder weather means that watering is more of a problem as all the outside taps freeze and so carrying endless buckets of water around the farm become the norm. A hearty stew becomes the staple diet of Winter, nice for dinner to have been cooking all day and ready when you come in from the cold and a good apple pie always goes down well. I tested the cider the other day, it is still cloudy and its possible that it wont clear because of the pectin but it tastes good and it fizzes so I will count that as a success. 

The farm accounts have been taking up my time this week, I always think that I will keep up with them on a monthly basis but life gets in the way and now I have a ‘urgent response required’ letter from the accountant :s Sorting through receipts that have just been stuffed in a drawer all year long is not much fun and so my New Years Resolution is to be more organised and do it regularly, one a year is regular, right??


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