Nearly there!

Christmas is fast approaching as  is the Winter equinox, life continues in full circle and moves towards Spring, personally it can’t come soon enough!

Those of you that know me personally will know we have a large family and Christmas time is a special time, not just because of presents and food but because it’s a time we all come together and just appreciate the strong bond we have with one another. We had our family meal last night and with extended members there were 40 of us all eating, drinking and making merry, we also had our secret Santa pressies. Instructions were, spend up to a fiver, what can you get for a fiver these days, some very good gifts it would seem judging by the smiles from everyone. I thought I would start the blog off this morning telling you about my gift which I feel is actually priceless, someone took the time to not only listen and remember a comment I had made but then personally scribe onto a piece of slate the most wonderful poem. I love Hares, for me they are highly symbolic and almost magical and one day I would love to own a large brass of a frolicking Hare, this what was heard and remembered, when I opened my present, inside was a pouch containing and tiny Hare and this poem scribed onto a piece of slate:

Magical Mystery

By day I am a shadow that hides in the light

By darkness a moonbeam that dances the night

I am the spirit that runs with the moon

From Springtime to Harvestime, in time with Earth’s tune

I am the spirit of fresh greening fields

I grow with the year till her harvest she yields

I am the last sheaf bound up with the corn

The spirit of Earth forever reborn

I am a shape changer, I change like the year

I fly as the Owl and run as a Deer

The eggs of the Lapwing are left in my care

For I am thy mystery and magic

I am the Hare

So if you should see me lying close in my form

I will run through your dreams

From darkness till Dawn


There are many things that money can’t buy and they are the most treasured gifts of all.

This will be my last post until after the festivities are over so I would like to take the time to thank you for reading my blog and sharing the week to week activities of the farm, thank you to those that support us by buying our eggs, our meat, and this year our Christmas trees, thank you to our liveries that share a large chunk of what happens on the farm, we appreciate it very much.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all wherever you are, from all of the inmates at the funny farm! x x x



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