Welcome to 2013!

We made it, the world didn’t end, we didn’t kill each other because we spent too much time with one another over the holiday, though the temptation was there I am sure, and as yet we have not been washed away by the rain!

Thankfully the latter has taken a hike for the time being although it is taking a while for everything to dry out, we got into a bit of a muddy state for a while and it is still tacky but getting better, as long as it stays away for a bit longer we should be fine. The fields look like they have been ploughed but that should all come back in the Spring provided Mother Nature is kind to us.

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year, we had a lovely time and it was full of surprises for some members, firstly our youngest daughter came home from her travels to spend the holidays with us, that was the longest secret I have ever had to keep, we surprised our other daughters with her arrival on the Sunday night before Christmas and it was lovely to have them all back together. Secondly, our middle daughter was surprised with an engagement ring on Christmas morning, she has been with her partner for nearly 8 years so it was a long time coming but they got there in the end and this coming year will be full of wedding plans for 2014. Luckily the eldest daughter was not left out of surprises either, her partner had booked a Caribbean cruise for the pair of them as a present and so she is jetting off to warmer weather at the end of this month. Hubby and I got socks! (just kidding girls)

The farm has tickled along over the hols and not much has changed, we have had a visit from Mr Fox at night and he managed to get a hen that had snuck off to roost elsewhere, silly girl. I have moved the sheep to a drier paddock and begun to feed them a little in preparation for the Spring and hopefully arrival of newborns.

The main focus for the next couple of weeks will be planning and deciding how to move forward through the year. We have been here for four years now and have made a few mistakes along the way, its time to rectify these, nothing serious just putting pens in the wrong place and not utilising areas properly. We also need to plan for the apparent climate change that is heading our way, if, as they say the summers will be wetter and the winters wetter still, we need to improve our drainage so that the water moves around the buildings and not through them! This is also the time of year to plan what I want to grow and what to move, what to do again and what to not bother with. I have already started by planting the patio fruit trees in the end bed, this gets all day sun and is too hot (in a normal summer) for me to work on during the day and the fruit trees will just get on with it as long as they get watered in the evenings. The wind has blown out a lot of the greenhouse panels and it keeps happening to one particular one and so it is time to assess if it is needed and if so how to prevent it happening again, if not we will take it down.

The Christmas tree sales are another area to discuss and plan, we almost broke even, selling forty-three trees, not bad for our first year although with hindsight we bought too many, we will do them again next year but cut the number to around  fifty. I have to say they were lovely trees, every one that I have heard from said what a lovely shape they were and I can vouch for the fact that they were indeed non-drop.

I don’t make New Year resolutions because they nearly always get broken, instead I have changed it to aims, and my main aim this year is to look at how efficient things are, including me, what works, what doesn’t, what needs more organisation, the paperwork is first on the list and I have started well by using the diary to record incomings and outgoings, hopefully I will keep up with that one and wont have a big sorting out job when the books are next due. Everything will be under scrutiny, is there a better way to do that job, if so what to we need to do to make it happen, all sounds so simple, I will keep you posted on that one.

I think that is enough of my ramblings for now, welcome back and I hope you continue on my journey with me during the next year 🙂



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