Well this morning we were greeted with a lovely carpet of snow, that has now turned to rain and is currently being washed away. If the forecast is correct we can expect a fair bit of snow over the next three weeks, I would rather have that than rain at least the animals enjoy playing in it.

Looking forward is the object at the moment although I have yet to find any enthusiasm for looking through the seed catalogues which is unusual for me as I have normally done it by now, must be the weather that’s putting me off.

We have been doing a bit of tidying up and cutting back, a row of nut trees at the front were invading the driveway more and more so we decided to cut them down by half, the amount of light that now floods into the kitchen is amazing, however the downside is that they were a good noise filter and we now hear more of the general sounds of traffic than we did before. At the latter end of the year we noticed that the five large mirrors in the school were swaying in the wind and so took them down before they fell down, this weekend they went back up with nice new wood to keep them secure. It was a freezing cold day and the boys did an excellent job under the conditions.

The sheep are having to be fed now, at the very least they are having hay each day and on colder days a scoop of ewe nuts, the trick is to keep them healthy for lambing but not let them put on too much weight or the lambs could be too big and difficult to birth naturally. The grass is nutritionally poor at this time of year plus with all the rain there is not much of it left under the mud patches. I was going to bring them in to lamb but an older and wiser soul than me advises that they are best left out, they don’t like being penned inside, as the lambs are hopefully due and the beginning of April it might be ok weather wise, if its takes a turn for the worst they will come in, I don’t fancy sitting out in the field with a torch when it’s cold or wet!

The chickens are still laying well and the egg numbers have only just started to tail off over the last few days, the lengthening of the daylight hours should encourage them back to full production soon, this has been the first year we were able to supply a decent number of eggs all through the Winter and I think it was to do with bringing the in beforehand and getting them in good condition.

Mia has enjoyed her first Christmas and New Year, she likes to get as dirty as doggly possible every single day! Her favourite games are still pestering the cats, even when she gets a swipe from one of them, and chasing chickens. The chicken game started out in good humour but she was caught red handed with the leg of a chicken in her mouth yesterday, the chicken was still attached and very much alive but I wonder how long it will be before she realises they could be a tasty snack! She will need some close monitoring and some stern discipline so that she does not become a killer 😦

I have had some much appreciated help from our youngest daughter while she has been home although her time is nearly up and she will be jetting off for another year in Oz all to soon, we shall miss her greatly but it’s an opportunity not to be missed. On Saturday I spent a day away from the farm with our middle daughter, her fiancΓ© and his mother, looking at wedding venues for next year. We had talked about having a marquee at the farm for the reception but they want to get married in March and that is probably not a good month as far as the ground is concerned. We found a lovely barn venue with a country feel and that is what they have decided to use. It’s all excitement for the girls at the minute as the eldest is jetting off on her holiday at the end of the week, lots of much needed sunshine in the Caribbean, alright for some.

Hubby has had the job of putting our other house on the market, with a bit of luck we will sell it this time (sale fell through before) and we will have a much clearer idea of how we can move forward with the farm. The original plan was to sell it at the time we bought this but the housing market collapsed and we ended up with both, luckily we were able to rent it out but it meant that we did not have any disposable income to invest in the farm as we had planned, we may eventually get that much converted tractor yet!

I have noticed the bulbs are beginning to shoot up in various corners of the garden, that’s always a favourite indicator of mine that the warmer weather will soon be coming our way, (fingers crossed) though what we will have to endure in the mean time is anybody’s guess. I am not convinced by the arguments about global warming, climate change, yes definitely, but maybe it’s all part of the bigger picture, one that as a species we are far too inconsequential to be consulted by Mother Nature about!


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