Busy week!

This last week has been quite a busy one with various jobs finally getting sorted out. The utility room was in desperate need of a clean especially after the dogs had come in from out side covered in wet mud and wrestling in there. There were dirty tail marks on every surface you could see, so I set about cleaning and tidying it thinking it wouldn’t take long, it’s funny how we don’t notice how much junk we pile up and then walk past on a daily basis. Finally after a few hours, everything that had been just put down for one reason or another, had been put back in its rightful place and the area was once again clean and tidy. It was so nice I couldn’t help but keep walking in there just to marvel at the job I had done 🙂

As I was on a roll I decided to defrost one of the big freezers, we have two big chest freezers and two small square ones, the idea is that in times of plenty the two big ones are full and as the food is used up we move down to a big one and a small one and so on as needed. As with most things it didn’t get done when it should have and the two big freezers were both running half full, I moved the contents of one freezer into the other and turned on one of the smaller ones, both are now crammed to the lid! It gave me a good chance to see what I had in them though and have been planning our meals around what I found. The outdoor dogs enjoyed half a pig head each and we had wild duck and gooseberry crumble, everyone’s a winner. I still have a small freezer full of fruit to use up and quite a lot of root veg and fennel to get through so I will be searching for recipes to use them up in the coming weeks.

I also got round to putting my seed order in and they should be on the way to me as I write, this year I have decided not to be too keen to get things going as they are usually ready to go in before the weather is up to speed, though the temptation to get started is always strong for gardeners! I downloaded an ap that will help me to plan the rotation for the veg, normally it is done on paper but the time has come to use technology, beside it highlights problems such as planting a similar crop in the same place as the year before. The Dutch oven arrived about half an hour after I published last weeks blog, together with that I also have a kettle, frying pan and enamel mugs so I am all set to do some cooking out side 🙂
My lambing technique book also arrived this week, it is an excellent reference book, with plenty of pictures to show you how things should look and how they look when things are going wrong, I have yet to read all of it but it filled me with much more confidence than I had before. Yesterday we bought the sheep in, just for a day or two to give their feet a break from the wet conditions, the last thing I need at the moment is a case of foot rot. It will also give me a chance to check the condition of them, using the book I will also try the techniques to find out if they actually are in lamb, they will need to have the back end clipped in readiness if they are.

The wet conditions have been causing problems for farmers up and down the country, they are calling it the 18 month Winter, watching Countryfile last night it was good to see that it’s not just us and we have not been doing anything wrong it is affecting everyone. Yesterday with the help of our eldest daughters boyfriend and his quad bike, we managed to move the chicken hut in the paddock and the pig ark that the sheep have been using for shelter, to drier areas of the paddock, making life much easier for them and for us, they are no longer paddling around in mud although we still have to get through the gateways to get to them. The chicken hut in the small paddock we were unable to move, it was too muddy and the axle has snapped making it impossible to move and so they will have to stay where they are for the time being.

I did shoot a bit of video footage so that you can see exactly what I am talking about when it comes to the mud. Hopefully I will have been able to upload it into this blog if not i will put it directly onto my Facebook page and you can have a look at it there.
We have had a few days of dry weather since I shot the video and it is beginning to dry up an bit, I just hope it carries on staying dry and windy for a few more days so that we can at least regain some sanity!!


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