Mixed blessings

Apologies for stating the obvious but the weather is shite again! It was just beginning to dry up nicely during the week and one of the afternoons I was even working in a t shirt, but we have gone back to square one with the downpour that occurred over the weekend and now more snow on top. What have we done to deserve this lol, where shall I start! To top it all this morning Rosie has decided to down tools, she is always difficult to get going when it snows but that’s when you need her the most, there are a few pops and crackles coming from the corner now but that has taken a good couple of hours to get her going. I don’t like the usual firefighters as the smell tends to linger long after the fire is going and we used to get the little twists of environmentally friendly wood firefighters but they seem to have stopped supplying them either that or everyone gets a store before winter and there are none left.

I had to give her a quick clean out during the week as we had a small chimney fire, the soot deposits seem to build up so quickly, it does not seem that long ago that we cleaned the flue all the way through. When I opened the damper there was a deposit that was glowing nicely, typically I had just put more logs on and she was going a treat so I had to shut her right down and wait for her to go out so that I could clean her out, luckily it was not a freezing cold day.

The new fencing stakes and electric tape arrived in the week and so I began to make the front paddock escape proof, looks a bit like Fort Knox now but it did the job, not that the horses have been outside much this week. We have turned them out on the sunny days but to be honest in the wet days they just stand in the corner of the field looking miserable so they may as well stand inside in the dry, not so good because they are not getting any exercise but then if they are just stood around outside I suppose the only stretch they get is walking to and from the field.

The sheep also came in for a break from the mud and rain, they definitely do not like being in though but I think as Humans it makes us feel better if we can do something nice for them even if they don’t appreciate it! The chickens are once again wallowing in mud pools but there is not much we can do about it for the time being, I had been letting them out to free range but we had a daytime fox attack on Saturday and so can’t risk it until we catch the culprit. I think Mia would normally keep the fox away when she is running around outside but it was pouring with rain that day and she was shivering while standing waiting for someone to throw her a ball, so we bought her in for a few hours and that’s when the fox struck. Having them in the pens does make egg collection much easier though, when they free range they lay all over the place, in a bucket that is on its side in the trailer, in an old tyre in the hay barn, in the stables, even when the horses are in and even on top of an old sideboard in the back stables, it’s like going on an Easter egg hunt every day.

On the two good days we had I did manage to get a few jobs done, clean and disinfect the dog kennels, clean out the chickens in the breeding runs, scrub all the water buckets, put up the electric fencing, charge up the batteries etc. The trouble was I fell for the false sense of security and thought Spring was indeed Springing, big mistake, I should have known better especially after my battle with the wind on Wednesday. The panels were blowing out of the greenhouse roof at a great rate of knots and I was trying to put them back and make them stay there all while it was blowing a gale, I was losing and the wind was winning, the last straw was when I reached down to get a nail from the tub I had bought out with me and they had gone, blown away in the wind never to be seen again, at that point I promptly burst into tears and had a complete meltdown wondering what the f****** hell I was doing here battling, seemingly without end, against the elements. At that precise point I seriously considered giving it all up and going back to normalville, I was a broken Woman, for a least an hour, after a couple of pep talks with my girls I got up dusted myself off and thought, you don’t get me that easily, so what if the whole bloody roof blows off, we will put it back on when the Sun comes out! The Winter has been long and the absence of a Summer last year has not helped, I guess you have to sink all the way to the bottom in order to start climbing again, I am not the kind of person to stay sitting at the bottom, I am not a victim but a survivor and so I will get back on my ladder and start climbing, until the next melt down anyway!

Our other house is on the market and we have had two offers already, both have been accepted and who ever is able to proceed will get the chance, we won’t get our hopes up too much as we have been here before and people pull out for all kinds of reasons so there will be no celebration until exchange of contracts. Because we have got a little closer to selling we have started to clear out our junk which is still there, the contents of one garage is now sat in our out building here, what a lot of old crap we keep, why do we stuff our garages and lofts full of stuff that will never see the light of day until you move again! Some of the boxes were from the time we moved before which was in 2001, they were never unpacked so we can’t possibly need the contents, I feel a few car boot sale trips coming on so that someone else can hoard our junk!

My seed order arrived in the week and the one place I will be able to start on sooner rather than later is the poly tunnel, I have identified what can be planted early and should do ok despite the lack of warm weather and the soggy ground. We have discussed the fact that we may only be able to grow enough for ourselves this year depending on how the seasons pan out, I really hope that is not the case.

That’s about it for this week, the dog is barking to come in, Rosie has just about got her slovenly arse into gear and it has stopped snowing for the time being at any rate, have a good week, keep looking to the horizon and let me know if you spot the yellow object in the sky that has been missing for far too long.


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