What a beautiful morning!

It is glorious outside this morning, just like being on your holidays, fresh but sunny and full of promise, let’s hope it stays like this for a while. There are still very wet and muddy areas but it is beginning to dry up thank goodness.

This week has been a very busy one, mostly sorting out loft offerings from the other house, we have now nearly filled the skip with years of junk, we have a pile to car boot and a pile to keep although we may have to go through that again and be more ruthless. My valentines present was a kitchen that was being taken out of a job that hubby was on, it is now installed in the back barn to use for storage, so romantic lol, very useful though.

We have a continuing problem with the fox at the moment, he is using the hedge line like a sushi train, just picking them off at his leisure. The chickens were out because of the mud and so roaming all around the place, I think the fox has set up home nearby, who can blame him really it is easy pickings. Today they are all kept locked in as a precaution although they don’t like it much, I have given them some greens to placate them for a while. He must be close by most of the time as I can smell him, I though I was becoming a bit paranoid about the smell but each time I got a whiff, sure enough half an hour later there he would be, even hubby saw him on Saturday stood about 3 feet away on the other side of the fence, and he does not run when you shout, hubby chased him across the field but not before he had one of our girls. There are feathers all along the hedge so he has had a fair few over the last week, we did set the trap but as yet he has not gone for the bait so it’s a bit of a waiting game, meanwhile all I can do is protect the birds as best as possible from further attacks.

At the weekend one of our egg customers asked if it would be ok to shoot rabbits in our fields, we said yes if you can find any after the flooding, they came that night and set up in the field for a few hours but didn’t see anything except the fox nicking one of our chickens! Unfortunately they only had an air gun and so were unable to do anything about it. On their way back to the car they spotted a ferret, you never know what is going to turn up here sometimes. It was quite tame and so we were able to catch it, at the moment it is in a cage outside waiting for someone who keeps them to come and collect it. I know nothing about ferrets except that they are used for putting down rabbit holes to flush them out, I guess this one got lost and carried on roaming. It’s quite a sweet little thing but has a punchy smell and I had to ask around to find out what to feed the poor thing, it seems to like eggs and cat biscuits but not fish!

The farm itself, apart from the animals, has been put on the back burner while we sort out the sale of the other house, we left it 4 years ago but left everything we didn’t need behind as we had no room for it here. Every year we vowed to sort the stuff out bit by bit but never did and so now it is a major task to undertake all at once and there is not much time to do anything on the farm. Today’s weather may tempt me to sort out some of the veg garden though, even if its only putting rubbish in the skip, that and burning 20 years of paperwork is all I have done over the weekend I would like a change 🙂
I had a muck heap sauna at the beginning of the week, the pile is working really well at the moment with all the rain we have had and now a bit of sun it is steaming away. I got on top of it to level it out a bit, picked up a heap on my pitchfork and a great gush of steam caught me square in the face, not bad except it stinks and so I was perfumed at the same time, oh the luxuries of farming, work out, sauna and perfume all for free! We have put some rat poison down this week as we thought we might have a rat, not that we have ever seen one, but holes had appeared, on retrospect though it may have been the ferret as none of the bait has been eaten and it has been down all week.

I hope you all had pancakes earlier in the week, we certainly did, it is one of the best days of the year, I like mine with good old lemon and sugar. We have plenty of eggs so it was good to use some of them up, the chickens are laying about 3 dozen a day, it’s amazing, past winters we have struggled to keep supply going but this year they have just kept laying and laying. I am convinced it is because we bought them in before the onset of winter and got them into prime condition before turning them back out, I will certainly do it again next year as a comparison.
Easter is next on the calendar, a lovely time of year, daffodils, tulips, primroses and hints of the trees beginning to burst into blossom, and of course chocolate! Spring will finally be here, and that can’t come soon enough for me this year.

Enjoy your day and I hope the sun shines in, wherever you are 🙂


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