Playing catch up today!

What a glorious holiday weekend we have had, I hope you all enjoyed it 🙂

I am on a coffee break now having already fed and watered the animals, put the washing on and weeded the poly tunnel, I am playing catch up today after the holiday weekend. Not that we took the weekend off, we worked so hard on Sunday digging the holes for the new poly tunnel, we had aches where we are not sure there are even muscles! Yesterday though we spent the day at the local May Day fair doing a car boot sale to get rid of the loft junk, it was a beautiful day and I don’t think I have ever seen so many people attending, hopefully a good amount was raised for Save The Children. We decided to take Mia with us and believe it or not it was her first trip away from the farm, we thought she would enjoy it but she basically sulked all day and came to life when we got back home, she is very definitely a farm dog and we won’t make that mistake again lol.

The good weather and the growing size of the lambs prompted me to turn them out into the paddock permanently, this meant total withdrawal of milk and only solids from now on, that was the plan, but they made such a racket that I decided to ease them off gently! They had their milk poured into a container instead of having the bottle rack, after a few days they have quieted down and started to graze and eat the hard feed so it has not taken as long as I expected. I had Mia out with me when i tried to move them from the stable to the field but she did not so much round them up as scatter them everywhere just when i had got them near the gate. after trying three or four times I decided to put her away and finally got them out there. Frankie is also out permanently now although I still have to bottle feed him in the field three times a day, but he has more of an idea about being a sheep as he is in with the ewes and they are teaching him well.

We had a delivery of hens in at the end of the week and the weekend was busy with chicken sales, we sold a quarter of them in two days with other phone orders due to pick up today, the Sun must have prompted people to think of long lazy summers, lets hope that rings true.

The veg beds will be the main focus for a while now, as the weeds are coming through faster than the plants and I aim to keep on top of them this year. As I said earlier we worked hard getting the toughest part of the poly tunnel work done, which was digging eight holes for the anchor plates to go in, anyone who digs the soil round here will know that after the first ten inches it is solid brash! We had to get the kango out to dig the rest of the way down, the frame is now up and we will hopefully have it ready by next weekend which will be just in time for the tomato plants to go in.
All the other seedlings are coming along nicely in the greenhouse, keeping them watered in this weather is a priority and you wouldn’t believe the amount of time I have forgotten that the hose is on, so I have devised a visual reminder, by hanging a watering can on the tree outside the door I can see if the water is on or off, that’s only if I remember to take the watering can down when I have finished mind you 😉

On Saturday we decided to tidy up the front area, there were some tree cuttings to burn off as well as the rest of the Christmas trees, so we lit the bonfire and then the wind got up, typical, the Christmas trees burn fiercely for a couple of minutes and die down but the the flames were huge driven by the wind and we were well enough away from anything the catch fire but only just! I also cut the grass that runs down the front drive so we are looking spick and span at the minute.

I have a plethora of jobs to do today and so will keep this week short, having been busy the house needs a hoovering too, but I want to make the most of the dry times as we are expecting rain midweek, I hate to say it but we could do with a bit just to perk things up a bit, especially the grass seed we planted in the paddocks, it’s growing slowly but could do with a good watering.

Enjoy the good weather while it lasts, have a great week 🙂


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