Hot and Sunny or wet and windy!

Well those of you nearer to home don’t need me to tell you that the weather has taken a turn for the worst, glorious Sunshine and high temperatures last week and then plunge to around 8 degrees, wet and windy this week! How is one supposed to work on a weather seesaw? We did need a bit of rain but seriously you can stop now and give us a bit of hope for a Summer please.

The very afternoon after last weeks blog we had to make one of the most distressing decisions, our old dog Max temporarily lost the use of his back legs in the afternoon, not once but twice, he had got old without us noticing really, he had stopped looking after himself and he could not stand for very long to be groomed so was looking a bit of a state. After tears and discussion we decided the time to let him go had come and made the call to the vet, Hubby and our eldest daughter took him on his final journey and he passed quickly, peacefully and painlessly. There is a very noticeable space where he used to lie and lots of little things seem strange without him around, for instance whenever I went to the fridge he would be behind me hoping for a titbit, the first time I did that afterwards I still expected to feel his presence lurking. He had a long and happy life with us, he was a rescue dog and we got him at 14 weeks and pretty soon discovered why the last owners gave him up, he was totally manic, over the years he gave us trouble and worries but all in all he was a great and comical member of the family, we will miss him x

The lambs have been up to naughtiness this week, well one in particular, Sweetpea! I went up to feed them one afternoon and could hear bleating coming from over the wall in the next farm, one of the liveries climbed over and got her back, but that evening when we went out to shut the chickens up we could hear bleating from further away, she had got out again and gone on a trek to the big field to the side of us and couldn’t find her way back. The sheep were due to be wormed again so we took the opportunity to move them to a bigger paddock with more grass and hope she does not get out of there. While rounding up the lambs to worm them, which is quite a task in a big paddock, Hubby demonstrated how good he would be at Rugby, after chasing April for a while she suddenly leapt into the air to try and get past, quick as a flash Hubby caught her mid air, it was impressive and I don’t say that about his talents very often!
Frankie has given us cause for concern this week too, he developed a lump under his nostril, on closer examination it was obvious that it was infection probably caused by a piece of hay or thistle. I am not squeamish but the stuff that came out was disgusting and so much of it, we have continued to clean it up everyday and he is getting back to his old self taking his whole bottle again now it doesn’t hurt so much.

Gardening had got well under way with the better weather and we planted the runner beans and some more onion sets, and the rain has done them good but the weeds are now overtaking everything with not a big enough gap to get out there and sort them out, the next break in the weather will see us working like maniacs to get it done. We have also been trying to get this second poly tunnel up and made a good start but again the weather stopped any work outside and so the progress is slow, as I had hoped it would be ready this weekend 😦 I have harvested the first of our produce this week despite the downpours, we had asparagus, which was lovely and some rocket and spinach, from the poly tunnel, in a salad one lunchtime, just about as fresh as you can possibly get it.

The broody hens have started hatching their eggs, the four of them are sat on piles totalling around 50 eggs, at the moment only two have hatched and I don’t expect to get very many more as they spend their time shuffling eggs around and consequently some that are half incubated end up going cold and the chick dying. I just leave them to get on with it and whatever we get is a bonus as it has not cost us anything except chick crumb once they are born.

We had the lovely sight of a deer in the driveway early one morning, it must have been crossing and as a car came past shot up the drive, we have not seen them all Winter so it’s good to know they are still around. The wildlife around here is in its spring abundance, the crows are attacking the buzzards high up in the sky trying to keep them away from their nests, and we have Bluetits nesting in the wall of the building again. They were supposed to choose the boxes we put up for them but instead found the smallest of gaps in the woodwork, no pleasing some folk. The rabbits are not so many in number this year as I think a lot must have drowned in the burrows after the flooding we suffered. They tend to live in the corner of the paddock that is the first to go under water with a heavy downpour, still at least there won’t be too many of them to fend off of the veg patch.

We have been busy getting the last of the things from our other house as well this week, the sale completes at the end of the month but we have a family wedding next weekend which will take out the day of the wedding and the day of the hangover! Once that has been handed over we will have much more time, and money, to spend at the farm, hopefully the weather will have improved by then. We will also have the exciting task of looking for that elusive tractor and we will probably book a very well deserved holiday, can’t wait to sail to sunnier climbs, even if I can’t sit out in it, I will enjoy the warmth from the shade lol.


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