That dog is grounded!!

Ever since old Max passed away the dogs have been more than a little unsettled, its strange because on the surface you would think they hadn’t noticed but the slight behaviour changes tell me that they must have. Mia has taken to barking early in the morning and whining if she is in the back on her own, she didn’t used to mind if Max was out in the garden and she was in, she is also barking a lot more at things she didn’t bother with before. Mia, however is not the grounded one, that is Kai the one that is let out at night, he as been here four years doing the same job each night but for some reason over the last week he has decided that it is time to roam further afield! The first night he got out we put it down to a fluke and Hubby went out to close up for the night and found him roaming up the back paddocks, not so bad. The next night I was woken by him yapping at 3.30 in the morning, I looked out and he was sitting in the drive on the other side of the gate waiting to be let in! I will just let him out for the evening and then put him away says Hubby, he sits down to watch TV forgetting all about the dog, the phone rings and all I can hear on the other end are multiple dogs barking furiously, no need for words from the caller I quickly realised it was my next door neighbour and Kai must be up at her house. When Hubby went to pick him up he was sitting outside their window looking in and their dogs were going mad. Luckily she saw the funny side of it, I did not, and now he is grounded until such time we can secure the compound so that he cant escape again!

The break in the weather has meant that we have been able to get on in the garden a little bit more, I managed to cut the lawns and in the week my Mum came over and we have all but finished the poly tunnel, just waiting for a calm day to get the polythene on and it will be all systems go. The veg plants are all waiting patiently to be moved to their final places and they have been hardening off over the last week, it feels like it is quite late to be putting them in but you can only do as much as the weather allows and so far it has been sporadic to say the least. The ornamental flowers on the other hand seem to be doing very well, obviously better suited to the current climate than the veg. The fruit harvest this year has already been proclaimed to be ‘bumper’ by the experts, I cant argue with that judging by the amount of blossom on the fruit trees and berry bushes, I just hope we don’t get a hard frost otherwise they will have used all that energy for nothing. Chelsea flower show is this week and I love looking at the show gardens on tv, they can be very inspirational sometimes, I cant have a whole show garden but can pinch a few ideas here and there. If you are going along at all look out for some friends of mine who have a stand this year, Oxford Green Roofs, I wish them good luck and I am sure they will be enjoying themselves immensely even though it is hard work.

Most of the lambs are doing well, I am a bit concerned about Betty, she is not doing as well as the others after weaning, she is grazing and eating hard feed but has lost more weight than I would have liked, she is also scouring a bit too, which is a polite name for the runs! The rain that we had along with the sun in between makes the grass ‘flush’ that means that it is rich with sugar and as a result can upset their tummies, I have tried giving her a bottle of milk to help out but even though I can get the teat in her mouth she wont suckle. I have ordered some electrolyte so rehydrate her and may have to resort to syringing it down her neck, fingers crossed with a bit of time she will pick up again. There is plenty of grass in the field for them all and apart from Betty everyone is doing well and even Sweetpea has not tried to escape again. It is very nearly the time of year to shear the two ewes, need to gear myself up for that one, when you are only 5′ 3″ and not that fit, shearing them is hard work, although they don’t have to look pretty we do need to get the fleece off as best we can, if anyone has any experience please shout,i will offer bacon sarnies and coffee in return!

Talk about coincidence, I was about to start writing about the chickens and the Rat problem, I will just have a quick break from typing I thought and went to the back door where Mia was waiting patiently for me to throw her ball, wandering across the pathway right in front of me was a rat! I quickly realised however that it did not look well, hopefully the many kg’s of bait I have put down are finally having an effect. I don’t like to kill them really but at the moment they are living under the chicken house that the broodies are in and I think they have been eating the chicks as they hatch, so it is a dog eat dog world as they say. The hens were sat on a huge clutch of eggs and to date only one chick has made it, today I was planning to clear out all unhatched eggs and clean the house out as it is just harming their well being sat there in vain. I will keep putting the bait boxes out and with a bit of luck will get rid of the rats altogether, I don’t mind them as long as its only a couple and they live inconspicuously but when they start taking livestock and competing for chicken feed then they have got to go!

We have a very busy week ahead of us as the sale of our other house completes on Friday and we still have lots to clear out and get it ready for hand over, Hubby cant wait for the day to arrive but in the meantime, there are a hundred and one things to do here as well as there, so we will be shattered by next weekend and any other jobs around the farm will go on hold for a week at least. This weekend just gone, we spent at the family wedding I told you about, it was absolutely brilliant, everyone looked fabulous and we all had a lovely time, the following day we were quite tired although did mange to get a bit of work done and my feet were killing me, I have never been so glad to put my wellies back on I can tell you, I may just get some very fancy wellies for any future occasions then my feet wont go into total shock  🙂

At this point I was going to insert a picture of the Apple Blossom, but after 20 mins of my computer giving me the run around, I give up! Maybe next time, have a good week x


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