Life is good!

We have had a mixed bag of weather over the last week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, rain, rain, rain, got a good soaking every time I went out! . I cleaned out two of the chicken runs in preparation for new arrivals that have not arrived yet, so got wet for nothing, on one of the rainy days I baked Chocolate brownies and a pasta bake for one of my lovely cousins, who is recovering from surgery and is on the road to kicking cancers arse into touch, I also kindly lent her my tractor mags, I hope she is enjoying them lol.

Today, however, the rain seems like a very distant memory as we have had the most glorious few days with more predicted, finally. We have had a most productive weekend and I feel like things are back under control, I spent three days hoeing the veg garden and now it’s just veg growing, well mostly, no doubt the weeds are planning a comeback at any minute. Thanks to a lot of hard work from our eldest daughters boyfriend, the dog kennel has got some new felt on the roof, the winds over the past grew years had ripped the old stuff to shreds and the boards were getting wet and rotting, they should last another few years now. He also came over and spent Sunday afternoon spraying the paddocks for broadleaf weeds, our dandelion harvest was out of control, each year it has been getting worse and although we don’t spray as a matter of course, we had to take them in hand this year, as the grass barely had room to grow. It is something we will have to do over a two year period, as the sheep are grazing one of the paddocks and we have no where else for them to go, so those paddock will be done next Spring.

The wild birds have been serenading us ever since the Sun came out, we have the swallows back and they are searching for suitable nesting sites as I write, their chatter is loud and excitable, I have great tits nesting in one of the boxes on the front of the house and take great pleasure watching them diving in and out with food for the youngsters. The crows are the only birds that are not welcome here, thieving tykes they are, they take any opportunity to steal the chicken food or even the sheep food for that matter.

Sadly this morning I discovered the one little chick that the gold laced Orps managed to hatch, dead in the hut, I have no idea why except that it was in there with five large birds so possibly they have sat on it and it has met it’s demise 😦 I have the other mixed Orps sitting on eggs at the moment so lets hope they fair a little better. One of the hybrid hens is winding me up a fair bit, she keeps getting out, no matter what I do to secure the pen she finds another way out, I have even clipped her wing so that she can’t fly but she still gets out, there is always one!

All is well with the sheep at the moment, they have enjoyed the sun, happily grazing in the paddock, I love to watch them looking so content. Most of the animals, like us, enjoy laying around in the heat, the horses lay down and doze in the fields, the chickens dust bath and stretch out their wings to warm up, ah life is good, when the weather is good!

I have had my first sneaky treat of the season, the strawberries in the poly tunnel are coming along nicely and I found a ripe one yesterday, perks of the job I reckon to be the first person to have a taste of what is to come, slurp, trust me when I tell you it was delicious πŸ™‚

I have saved the most exciting news, for us anyway, well alright then for me, until last, we are now the proud owners of a tractor! We picked it up on Saturday after a mention out of the blue that there was one for sale up the road. As everything has to have a name around here I have decided to call him Troy, a good strong masculine name that will suit his job description. Needless to say Hubby has already had a go at turning the muck heaps with him and I have had a little drive round, he needs a service before we put him fully into work but he will be invaluable once he is ready.

I took some photos as its such a lovely day, the first is of the new poly tunnel with offending chicken in the foreground, inside the tunnel all the tomatoes and melons are growing, the other tunnel which is full of crops including those strawberries, a general view of the veg garden, the paddock with the sheep in although as soon as they see me they come running so can’t stay too long to photograph them, and Troy!







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