The bare minimum!

Over the last week, I have literally done the bare minimum, get up, feed, water and sort eggs, then spend the days on the sofa! I came down with a bug which alternated between violent shivering and sweating profusely, my muscles had nothing in them to give and so I relented and just rested in between feed sessions. At first I resisted but in the end thought, my body is telling me something and so I listened, I am feeling much better this week although still got a couple of aches and pains in my joints but nothing a couple of paracetamol can’t sort out.

The weather has not been very inspiring, it is still cold in the evenings, I can’t ever recall a summer as chilly as this one although I am sure the records would reveal otherwise. As a consequence, the veg growth is very slow, I have managed to pick some new potatoes, carrots and mange tout from the poly tunnel but nothing on the scale we would normally be picking. I keep hoping there will be something to sell out in the little shed but it is sadly lacking at the moment. We have had a good few bowls of strawberries but they are not as sweet as I would expect them to be, still pretty good with some sugar, cream and a splash of balsamic vinegar though which is my favourite way to eat them.

We have eggs in abundance, and today’s task is to try and find something to do with them all, these are mostly smaller eggs from the pullets that have just started laying, customers, given the choice, naturally go for the bigger eggs and so the small ones get left over and over again. I now have a good few dozen sat on the side and I really don’t want to waste them, there is only so much scrambled egg or omelette one can eat in a week. Hubby does not like quiche or egg puddings or custard so it is difficult to come up with something. I may just bake quiche and freeze them for an occasion such as birthdays, we have plenty of those in our family, maybe individual little ones then I can eat them for lunch. I could use the yolks for lemon curd and the whites for meringues but Hubby does not eat those either, I think I need to swap the Hubster really for someone less fussy!

We had a rare and much needed day out yesterday, our middle daughters, Boyfriends dad is a member of the 2013 Great Britain rifle team and yesterday they had a friends and family day at the National Shooting Range in Bisley. Hubby, daughters boyfriend and his brother took part in shooting various arms including the old fashioned muskets which they thoroughly enjoyed. Us girls went along to spectate and it was a great day, the hospitality was fabulous as was the food, the boys got very competitive between them as you would expect, if we get to go again, I would definitely like to have a go at the shooting although the rifles are a bit scary, the noise was phenomenal as there are many ranges all around and guns going off all the time. The actual place was like a snapshot in time, many of the buildings and especially the clubhouses are very colonial and have not changed much in over a hundred years or more, it was lovely, and nice to have entirely new experiences. The rifle team will be off to Canada in August and I wish them good luck and hope they win, they are a lovely bunch even though they brandish lethal weapons lol.

It feels like we are constantly playing a waiting game with the sun, I think we need to change our mind set to use whatever is thrown at us instead as I have heard that this weather pattern is going to be with us for about 10 years! We can either be depressed by the thought or we can get on with it and work with it which is easier said than done I will admit. The one thing you can’t do here is predict the weather accurately though, we are just as likely to prepare for the cold and then have a heat wave or vice versa that’s the difficulty with a temperate climate, so I have given up listening to the forecast and just wait to see what the weather is like when I get up that seems much more sensible than planning in advance. I have to say that for me personally this summer, just like last summer has been great, although I would like a bit of warmth, the sun can stay behind the clouds for as long as it likes, it means I can at least get outside during the middle of the day rather than having to come indoors and clean!


Our haul for dinner on Saturday, should really be getting much more than this at this time of year but something is better than nothing and it tasted great πŸ™‚


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