July, what a scorcher!

I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks, I am still feeling poorly, still doing the bare minimum and in truth, can’t be arsed!

The weather, as glorious as it is, is a bit of a bind for me, but I am not complaining, nicer to have heat than freezing cold or wet mud! It just means that I have to get up uber early to get the animals done before the Sun comes round, that would not normally be a problem but with the aches and pains I have it makes life more of a struggle, I have a phone appointment with the Doc tomorrow and she will hopefully be able to give me some answers from the blood tests.

Meanwhile on the farm, everything is tickling along the animals are enjoying the Sunshine, I have had to double up on their water as the temperatures are up at 30 degrees out in the open most days. As long as they have shade and water they should be fine. The veg garden as you can imagine needs a lot of watering, another reason why I get up early, the evening Sun is full on the veg patch so watering then is futile. I have taken to leaving the water on overnight but that is not alway successful, this morning the stand was leaning over which stops the top rotating and so just watering one area, how long for, who knows!
The veg themselves are romping along now though, I have no idea why I worried as they have caught up beautifully, the spaghetti squash are looking impressive, and the courgettes are becoming abundant, the strawberries seem never ending and need picking every day and the gooseberries and black currants are nearly ready to pick. Gardening, and nature is definitely about a month behind though, I noticed that the June drop from the apple trees, did not happen until well into the first week of July.

Yesterday afternoon I sat in the shade in the garden for an hour or so, it was lovely to just sit and enjoy watching the birds flying about, the Red Kite soaring high in the sky and watching the cows in the next field happily munching away, the idyll, slightly ruined by the idiots out ‘full throttling’ up the lane on their bikes, no wonder they are an endangered species!
We actually saw a little owl the other evening, we have been here for nearly five years, seen the silhouette of it on the wing at dusk and heard it calling but that is the first time I have ever seen it sat on the fence, little bundle of gorgeousness it was.

The next four months are ‘abundant’ in the gardening world and I often wonder how many ways you can use the excess fruit and veg, well we have decided to juice, it is definitely more healthy to eat fruit like that than in a stodgy pudding, the veg juice, not so great but very beneficial and it means you intake much more than you normally would so the benefits are obvious, we are hoping it will improve our overall energy levels at the very least.

For now my energy levels are poor, I must look up, sleeping sickness and see what that is lol, whatever it is, is slowly getting better but it is slow, I keep waiting for the morning I wake up and leap out of bed, mind you that would be a miracle as I have not done that in years!!


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