Still here!

Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since the last blog, I am still struggling on a day to day basis with this wretched illness, whatever it is, hopefully get some answers tomorrow at the hospital and with luck some wonder drugs!

I am still managing on the whole to get round and do the feeding and watering, then a bit of tidying up then a sleep usually so that I have some energy for later on in the day. Hubby has been a tremendous help as has my Mum, she has been coming over and helping to keep the garden up together, picking veg and hoeing and tidying, it would look a bit of a mess by now if she didn’t!

The fruit and veg are in abundance now and we are selling plenty at the farm gate, the egg numbers took a bit of a dive this week from, 60 a day down to12, I had noticed that the feed had changed colour and shape and wonder if something went wrong in the processing plant as the new bag I opened this morning seems back to normal, fingers crossed the egg count comes back up quickly before we lose too many customers.

The sheep are continuing to munch away in the paddock, they must be growing but as I see them on a daily basis I can’t really tell. We have had to keep the fly spraying up in this weather and luckily so far not had fly strike even though one of the lambs had scour there were no sign of maggots. The red mite in the chicken huts is a different story however, I have been spraying every three days but they are rife with the humid weather, very difficult to bring under control even with the strong chemical sprays, just have to keep doing it until we win I suppose.

We have had a bit of a change over with the horses, the little Shetland has now been sold on to a new home that is going to do some inhand showing with him, he will get more exercise and handling than he did here and hopefully he will be happy. That meant Jack needed a new companion and so we have Maddy on loan, she is a 15h gypsy cob and she is a unit! We will be able to ride her once she has been bought back into work as she has not been ridden for a couple of years. She is a very sociable horse and likes people so if you come up just call over the gate and she comes for a bit if a stroke and a chat.

Sadly I have not been up to making any jam yet or anything else for that matter, I keep hoping each day I wake up, I will feel better but it’s not happening, there are plenty of jobs on the farm that are just getting left at the minute but none that won’t wait until I feel up to it. Our produce is not going to waste though what we don’t sell either gets fed to the chickens or we juice it and drink it fresh, we decided to juice after watching a programme and we are enjoying doing it, even the veg juice is not so bad once you get used to it, today we have orange, celery and carrot as the veg juice and a combination of fruits for the fruit one, the pulp gets fed to the chickens as well so no waste there either.

At the moment we are picking, cucumber, courgettes (lots), carrots, beet root, rhubarb, mange tout, purple sprouting, raspberries and the beginnings of the runner beans which are always very popular, I have also been digging up a few potatoes and selling those. The onions are not far off ripening as well as the garlic. The only things that are lagging behind at the moment are the tomatoes and peppers oh and the melons are pretty non existent despite the hot weather we had. Most of the products are available on a daily basis in the shed but if you want a veg bag made up for a fiver send me a message and we can do that for you.


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