Extra musings, because I can!

I try not to get political in the blog, we all have different points of view and that’s healthy, but the one thing we all have in common is that we need to eat to survive. Having just completed a survey on future food sustainability I thought I would air my views, small though they are!

The survey throws in big words such as, intensification, biodiversity, global distribution etc, most of this means nothing to your average shopper and nor should it, the message in my opinion should be much simpler, Think about what you buy! Do you need it, will you use it or will it end up in that awful little food waste bin, those in my opinion should never have got past the drawing board. The simple fact is that we waste far too much food as a country, and the beginning of the process starts way back at the docks, importing thousands of tons of food from around the world when common sense tell us we should be using local resources first. Now I am no saint and I do grab and buy if I am in a hurry but I use these rules if I can, LOCAL, ENGLISH, EUROPEAN, WORLDWIDE, it is after all difficult to grow bananas in Oxfordshire and I do like bananas. What happened to the bubble and squeak dinner on a Monday, or using up what is in the fridge once a week, or the simple task of freezing leftovers, these are all things I do on a weekly basis but is it just me? Seasonal is another word that should be used more forcefully, you can buy almost anything all year round these days, is that good practice? Would we go into meltdown if we couldn’t buy a certain vegetable or ingredient for our recipe or would we be more like our ancestors and use what was available at the time. It’s complex I know and we have become a nation that expects it to be there when we want it, BUT at what cost, will it be there when we NEED it, a global food Armageddon is on the horizon, might be a few years away yet but you don’t have to be clever to do the maths, Earths population is growing and there is finite land available for growing on.

If you think about one topic this week, make it your shopping, do you need it, will you use it, if not can you freeze it and use it for soup or feed it to the dog instead if his usual biscuits. Be proud of yourself if you don’t have to put out that stinky little food waste bin, or there is as little as possible in it. Make an effort to use up what you already have, you might even been surprised by the results, don’t waste anything, it’s your hard earned money you are throwing away, and don’t think for one minute that your small effort alone is not worth it, as someone once said, ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ if we all take small steps we can make a difference.


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