Rosie is good to go :)


One of the big jobs this week was to give Rosie her annual de coke, since letting her out when spring finally arrived she has not been touched, so we took the flue apart and cleaned that then worked downwards taking out all the grate and cleaned all the internal flues. Afterwards I gave her a clean and polish on the outside and now she is all shiny and ready to go whenever the weather decides to turn πŸ™‚

We have been busy enough to cross off a fair few jobs this week including finishing creosoting the big hen coop, we have done everything we can now to get the hens laying again, got rid of the mites, wormed them, given them some poultry spice but still they are reluctant to go into full production. The, dare I say it, lack of rain is probably a factor but there is not much we can do about that, the ground is bone dry and the grass is beginning to die off, the only moisture at the minute is from the dew after the colder nights, not that I am complaining we very much deserved a good summer and this year has been great. One of the benefits of fine weather is the magnificent sunsets we are having, last night was especially good, glowing very red, I took the photograph below last night, and have heard that lots of other people also took photos so it must have been pretty spectacular.

The harvest is stepping up to its most productive now, we have some lovely eating apples from the tree in the front paddock, cooking apples from the tree in the driveway, greengage, damson, and Victoria plums, and the veg garden is still going strong with tomatoes, cucumbers, runner beans, sprouting and sweet corn. There are busy days ahead, picking in the morning and prepping in the afternoon, the nuts will be falling next and collecting them up takes a good hour or so each day. The plum trees have had grease bands wrapped around the trunks, these will catch the codling moth grubs that climb up in the spring and hopefully won’t spoil the fruit next year.

Short and sweet this week as I have a heavy schedule lol, we are off to Devon for the weekend on Friday for two days R and R, bliss, I can’t wait to be by the seaside and watch the waves crashing in.



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