Make the most of the Sunshine!

Quick one today as I have been away this weekend and got lots to catch up on plus it’s a lovely day so get busy while I can!

I think we had one day of sunshine last week, I used that day to get out on the veg patch and do some work, I put the wood ash from the fire around the strawberries to encourage flowering then used the weed barrier to cover the soil around them so that the weeds don’t get out of hand and also to stop the fruit spoiling on the dirt. I also put a whole section of barrier right down the bed that will be for runner beans, they don’t go in until quite late and usually the weeds are rampant by then. I am hoping to save myself a lot of time from weeding by doing this with most beds this year and planting into cuts I make for the plants to go in.

On the same sunny morning I looked out of the side window to see a herd of fallow deer which is unusual, they were grazing the hedgeline and it was a lovely sight to see, things like that can really perk up the day.

The rest of the week was wet, very wet and so not much got done outside, to be honest I was just killing time until the Friday when the girls all went away for our middle daughters Hen Weekend. I left Hubby in charge and on my return all animals were still alive and doing well so he did a good job šŸ™‚

This morning is a rare and lovely sunny day and so I am eager to get on and do plenty of jobs that have had to wait clean out the dog kennels, the duck pen and the chickens. I need to get this done before the next band of rain comes along which will be shortly I am sure. I gave the horses a bit of a treat as well today, the paddock they have been wintering in is in a bit of a state now, the mud is wet and calf deep, this morning I decided to put them in one of the untouched paddocks. It is the chicken paddock really but we have not been able to get on the field with the tractor to move them, the reason being the the tractor would make such a mess in the soft earth it’s not really worth doing it. The horses were clearly delighted as this paddock actually has grass, they did a few high kicks before they set about munching it off. It is one of the best feelings to be able to put your animals somewhere that is not muddy at this time of year, and they are just having it as a one day treat otherwise it will look like the other paddocks if I leave them on there too long.

Make the most of the lovely weather today whatever you are doing, I certainly will be šŸ™‚


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