The only topic of conversation across the whole country this week has been the weather, you could not avoid it or the coverage of it. We have had just about everything except snow thrown at us this Winter. Wild and wet is the description I have used this week, at one point I did wonder if we would still have a building standing and I know many people were kept awake one night just because of the noise of the wind. Having said that we are still a lot better off than large parts of the world, there are fires and droughts, mudslides, hurricanes and flooding for hundreds of miles, yes people have been flooded and lively hoods are affected and there have been a few fatalities but all in all, although major to us, it minor in comparison. On Sunday, after all that, we were rewarded with the most glorious sunny day, I don’t think I have ever seen such a perfect Winters day, or maybe I was just delighted that it was not raining or windy! Wherever you went people’s demeanour was upbeat, whistling, humming, smiling and walking with heads up, it was a real tonic.

During the worst of the windy weather, the night we could not sleep, the gate on my pure breed pen blew off, I image the latch blew off first leaving it swinging in the wind then the hinges gave up and off came the gate. At first, the morning after the storm I was walking around feeding thinking, well that’s good, there are no trees down and no apparent damage, then I got the chicken pen, the sight before me could only be described as a massacre 😦 every single chicken dead and scattered all over the place. Presumably foxy didn’t mind the windy weather and decided that this was a great opportunity for a bit of fun. I was, of course, gutted, but it is one of the things you learn to get over quickly, you can’t let it bring you down, we have lost so many birds to the fox and even the dogs that I would be locked away by now if I had dwelt on it too much.

We had shot a fox on the Sunday night and as I always say another takes its place very quickly. During the week I was chucking up muck onto the pile when I caught a whiff of fox, picture this, I am stood on the top with a pitchfork in my hand saying out loud, ‘I can smell you’ lol I think I must have looked and sounded like the kiddy catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The Quail are growing well and unusually as yet I have not lost any, normally you get a couple that die for no apparent reason but these are doing very well, I am having to clean them out everyday now though as the brooder unit is small and they mess it up quickly. If they are not cleaned they gather the muck on the end of their toes and that in turn goes hard forming little balls which can cause infection or toenails to come off, so a clean environment is very important, not to mention that if you don’t do it they stink to high heaven.

As yesterday was so lovely and I had to be outside to burn a few chicken bodies, I took the rake out the front with me and started to give the front yard a tidy up, raking up soggy leaves and snapped off twigs, it was lovely to be able to get going and I was probably lulled into a false sense of security thinking that the rest of the week will be the same. As it turns out we have a drizzle again this morning but it’s very mild with it, and yesterday’s boost is still with me this morning so I am only hampered by the weather not my mood.

Oops forgot to publish yesterday, went out to re-felt the shed roof and totally forgot! I have been carrying on outside and cut but the willow whips in the driveway and any other overhanging branches from various shrubs and trees. My new hedge trimmer arrived today so I will be trimming everything in sight over the next few weeks lol, we have a petrol one but I find it’s too heavy for me and so I ordered an electric one, at least when Hubby is busy with other things I can get on with preparing for the arrival of Spring πŸ™‚


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