Mid week rant!

I sometimes wonder at what point I should just give up, after being on top of everything, or so I thought, it seems that I am to be tested or challenged to see if I am indeed worthy of calling myself a gardener.

After getting ahead with the greenhouse preparations and snugly bubble wrapping it, the winds came along and took out the back glass panels, some of those I had only just refitted, which in turn lifted the polycarbonate roof panels, and it goes on because that let the rain in and now I have discovered that ALL of the seeds I had ordered have got soaked, some beginning to sprout on their own and some just rotting away.

Then there is the weed barrier I put down on the bean bed to make life easier, well the dogs decided to get in there and play chase, result, holes in the weed barrier, not the best thing that could happen to it.

All of that with the chicken massacre makes me think f**k it! Shall I go back to suburbia and retire?

Three steps forward, two steps back, always, arrggghhh


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